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THE UA STRATEGIC PLAN: Advancing the Flagship: The Next Phase

Fulfilling the ambitious vision of Advancing the Flagship: The Next Phase requires the combined efforts of all UA faculty and staff, from the president and senior administrators, to the longest-serving faculty or staff, and even to the newest part-time employee. Our mission of teaching, research, and service is both a personal responsibility and the ultimate goal of our institutional strategic plan.

To underscore accountability, this page will serve as a repository of metrics and monitoring that speak to the fulfillment of the revised strategic plan goals and objectives. It is impossible to capture institutional success with a single number or set of factors, but the following have been identified as key indicators of the success we will achieve as the flagship institution that is The University of Alabama.

Provide a premier education that enhances the lives of our students, graduates, and the communities they serve

five students posing for photo while volunteering in the community

The University monitors a great number of metrics and indicators of the academic and educational success of the institution, its students and graduates, and UA’s impact on our community and the State of Alabama. Please see the following:

For further information on UA’s efforts related to student success and social mobility, please see Goal #3 and the metrics and monitoring discussed below.

For further information on the numerous transformational education and co-curricular experiences offered at the Capstone, please see the webpage of the Office of Academic Affairs, which includes links to high-impact opportunities and practices, including study abroad and many others ( and the webpage of the Division of Student Life, which includes links to student support activities, wellness, parent support, and many others ( The Division of Student Life also produces annual reports, which may be found at this link (

For information on the University’s ongoing programs to support instructional excellence and innovation, please “Say Hello to OTIDE”,

For additional information on career success and opportunities, please see the Career Center’s webpage and resources (

For additional information on The Rising Tide capital campaign and its support of academic success and students, please see 

Recent articles and news items of interest to Goal #1:

“UA Celebrates Historic Fundraising Year,” UA News (10/13/2022)

“UA Sets Records for Number of Small Classes,” UA News (9/26/2022),

“Records Broken: UA Sees Highest Enrollment, National Merit Scholars,” UA News (9/12/2022),

Increase the University's productivity and innovation in research, scholarship and creative activities that impact economic and societal development.

exterior of national water center building

The University of Alabama Office for Research and Economic Development (ORED) created two five-year strategic plans for research and economic development which are tied to, and incorporated in, Advancing the Flagship: The Next Phase.  ORED publishes copies of these strategic plans along with annual reports, facts and figures, and other resources, documenting the dramatic and impressive growth of the University’s research enterprise, at the following websites:

For additional information on The Rising Tide capital campaign and its support of the University’s research mission, please see 

Recent articles and news items of interest also include:

“UA Sees Major Increases in R&D Partnerships with Industry,” UA News (10/13/2022),

“U.S. Sen. Richard Shelby Addresses Inaugural CIROH Meeting at UA,” UA News (10/13/2022),

“5 Early Career Researchers Making Waves with National Awards,” UA News (9/27/2022),

“UA Research Enterprise Enjoys Remarkable Year,” UA News (8/19/2022),

Enrich our learning and work environment by attracting, welcoming, and supporting all faculty, staff, and students through inclusive excellence.

students at a support diveristy and inclusion event

In October 2019, University of Alabama President Stuart R. Bell announced the establishment of a presidential advisory committee to support ongoing coordination and expansion of efforts related to diversity, equity and inclusion at UA.  The committee was chaired by Dr. G. Christine Taylor, VP and Associate Provost for DEI, and was charged to advance specific plans and strategies, and propose solutions with measurable objectives, to accomplish the third goal of UA’s strategic plan.

The committee issued a detailed report which may be found at  Dr. Taylor and the Division of DEI have also issued progress updates which may be found at

Additional metrics of interest may also be found at the OIRA Strategic Measures page, including measures of enrollment, retention, graduation, and faculty headcount.  (

For additional information on The Rising Tide capital campaign and its support of the University’s goals of inclusive excellence, please see 

Recent articles and news items of interest to Goal #3 include:

“UA Earns HEED Award for Diversity Accomplishments,” UA News (10/6/2022),

“UA Awarded NSF Grant for HBCU Bridge Program,” UA News (8/25/2022),

Foster an environment that will aid in the recruitment, retention, growth, and support of outstanding faculty and staff.

crystal awards displayed on long table for honoring faculty and staff

The UA Division of Finance and Operations and its Office of Human Resources ( monitor a number of aspects of the University’s fulfillment of goal #4 of the Strategic Plan, including information on employee benefits (, wellness and work-life (, and learning and development, including orientation, training, and employee recognition (

For additional information on The Rising Tide capital campaign and its support of the University’s outstanding faculty and staff, please see 

The UA Division of Finance and Operations produces the “Path of Excellence” report on its efforts to steward the University’s financial resources to allow for additional investments in faculty and staff.

Recent articles and news items of interest to Goal #4 include the following:

“CHIME IN Survey Results Show Continued Strengths, Opportunities,” UA News (10/19/2022),

“Leadership U Class of 2022-2023 Begins Training,” UA News (10/10/2022),

“Celebrating UA Employees at Inaugural ‘You Make UA Great’ Event” UA News (10/4/2022),

“UA Honored by Governor Ivey for Disability Employment Initiative,” UA News (9/15/2022),