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THE UA STRATEGIC PLAN: Advancing the Flagship: The Next Phase

In 2016, The University of Alabama unveiled its strategic plan, Advancing the Flagship, to prioritize goals and strategies to support the University’s mission to "advance the intellectual and social condition of the people of the state, the nation and the world through the creation, translation and dissemination of knowledge with an emphasis on quality programs in the areas of teaching, research and service.” In the last six years, the University has made great strides in addressing the plan’s original objectives. This refresh of Advancing the Flagship, entitled "Advancing the Flagship: The Next Phase" acknowledges the accomplishments that have been made under the original plan, while presenting an opportunity to expand upon, target, and refresh the plan’s objectives.

Advancing the Flagship outlined four goals that centered around academics, research, diversity and inclusion, and support for our faculty and staff. The effectiveness of the current plan has been underscored by the University’s academic and research growth, improved enrollment and recruitment strategies, and accomplishments that have made our community more diverse and successful than ever before.

Since 2016, individual divisions and departments have crafted their own plans in close alignment with Advancing the Flagship, in order to support those central goals from the vantage point of their disciplines or functional areas of responsibility.

The refreshed strategic plan presents The Next Phase in the University’s investment in academics, research, and University community growth and engagement. The five-year plan will allow UA to continue to have a positive impact on the state of Alabama, the nation, and the world.

The adoption of this refreshed version of Advancing the Flagship is not the end of our strategic planning execution– it is a reaffirmation of the University’s commitment to our campus community, the state of Alabama, and the nation as we build on past success and chart our course for the future. Please continue to monitor “Our Metrics and Monitoring” as the University expands upon and reports back on progress towards achieving these objectives.