THE UA STRATEGIC PLAN: Advancing the Flagship

The University of Alabama is steeped in tradition. Founded in 1831, it is the state’s oldest and largest public university. It carries a proud heritage, built on the foundations of academic excellence, student and faculty accomplishment, athletic achievement and alumni pride.

After a decade of unprecedented growth, The University of Alabama is now the fastest growing flagship in the nation. As enrollment has risen from 23,878 in 2006 to 37,100 in 2015, so have the challenges associated with offering the infrastructure needed to accommodate the growing needs of our students and faculty. Twelve new residence halls, 88 total facilities and 577 acres of land have been added in the last 10 years, and an ambitious campus master plan is being implemented.

The University has made great strides to advance its academic quality and national reputation. More than one-third of UA’s entering freshmen now score a 30 or higher on the ACT, and the average entering GPA has increased to 3.72. More than 600 National Merit Scholars enrolled each year.

Throughout all of this progress, the University’s commitment to the state has remained steadfast. UA enrolls more in-state students than any other college or university in Alabama, enrolling 17,222 and graduating 4,385 Alabamians in 2015. With more than 121,000 alumni living within state boundaries, UA has a large footprint at home while continuing to welcome students from all 50 states and 77 countries.

The University’s enduring legacies – its alumni, discoveries and partnerships – will continue to shape the world in ways that can only be imagined. The University’s new strategic plan will energize Alabama’s flagship by investing in its continued success and propelling it to new heights.

This strategic plan is a living document that will serve as our roadmap to proactively prepare for the future. It will help us prioritize our efforts as good ideas emerge and opportunities arise. We will continually assess and adjust the plan, and articulate its outcomes and impact.