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THE UA STRATEGIC PLAN: Advancing the Flagship

The goals identified are pillars of the plan. They are designed to be high-level in nature and are built on the assumption that campus units will base their planning efforts on this overarching strategic plan. Some of the strategies necessary to facilitate the University’s plan are college and department based, while others are University-wide initiatives.

These goals were created with critical success factors in mind so the plan:

  • Embraces the dreams of our campus.
  • Is high-level and consistent with a dynamic university committed to accelerating its accomplishments.
  • Ensures the vitality inherent in attracting the best and brightest scholars.
  • Reflects a focus on moving our research, creative activities and performance achievements forward in a substantial way.
  • Prepares our students for the globally connected world they will be a part of as they graduate and effect change in the world.
  • Provides an unmatched teaching and learning experience for all students.
  • Instills a comprehensive view of equity, inclusion and diversity for our campus.

Provide a premier undergraduate and graduate education that offers a global perspective and is characterized by outstanding teaching, high-quality scholarship and distinctive curricular and co-curricular programs.


  • Develop a comprehensive enrollment management plan that serves as a foundation for quality undergraduate education.
  • Increase the quality and number of graduate students to develop the next generation of scholars and to support the University’s research, scholarship and creative activity.
  • Provide support services that ensure a premier academic experience for all our students.
  • Expand transformational education experiences through community service, global outreach and innovative study-abroad opportunities.
  • Enhance co-curricular activities that encourage collaboration among students, faculty, staff and the community.
  • Promote an educational environment that values contributions from all levels of teaching faculty.

Increase the University’s productivity and innovation in research, scholarship and creative activities that impact economic and societal development.


  • Leverage the University’s unique, emerging strengths to create a strong culture and opportunities for cross-disciplinary research, scholarship, innovation and creative activities that have economic and societal impact, and which contribute to the University’s teaching and service mission.
  • Invest in infrastructure that promotes a thriving research and economic development enterprise.
  • Develop a multi-level, continuous improvement process that facilitates research, scholarship and creative accomplishments.
  • Establish a regular dialog among the administration, faculty, staff and students that creates a climate of shared understanding and addresses opportunities for and barriers to productivity, scholarship and creative activity. 
  • Cultivate, support, sponsor and conduct community-engaged research that enriches our teaching, research and service missions and enhances the University’s designation by Carnegie as a community-engaged institution.

Enrich our learning and work environment by providing an accepting, inclusive community that attracts and supports a diverse faculty, staff and student body.


  • Establish a position for an equity, inclusion and diversity officer that is responsible for the organizational oversight and assessment of plans, programs and activities that enhance equity, inclusion and diversity.
  • Enhance the recruitment, hiring and retention of diverse faculty, staff and administrators.
  • Strengthen the recruitment, matriculation, retention and graduation of diverse students.
  • Expand diversity and inclusiveness education and training.
  • Provide structural resources, policies, practices and oversight that foster transparency in all campus groups and ensure diverse and inclusive participation.

Provide opportunities and resources that facilitate work-life balance and enhance the recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty and staff.


  • Establish a Work-Life Center that encourages a family-friendly workplace by supporting a healthy work-life balance.
  • Implement employment initiatives that keep UA nationally competitive while ensuring consistency, equity and inclusion. 
  • Establish clear channels of communication for all University employees that encourage cross-departmental collaboration and consistency.