Research & Economic Development


At The University of Alabama, our research efforts make a hands-on difference in the lives of the people we serve. Our world-class faculty, staff and students are leading the way as our state explores new technologies, advances scientific discovery and harnesses the power of creative thought to fuel the economy of the future.

Research Mission
The Research mission of the University is to facilitate and promote the pursuit, discovery and dissemination of knowledge through research, creative scholarship and technology transfer that impact our students and our many constituencies within the State of Alabama, the nation and the world.
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Research & Economic Development

UA's research administration and structure.

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Research News

Highlighting research activities at UA.

Research Support

The University of Alabama celebrates the ongoing efforts of faculty and staff to engage students in innovative research and entrepreneurship. The University is committed to providing faculty and students with the resources and staff support that turn imagination and inspiration into reality.

Economic Development

UA is committed to enhancing the economic well-being of the state and the region. Our efforts focus on addressing the economic development needs of distressed and rural communities; building resource teams and programs around community development needs; and providing leadership that develops nontraditional and new mechanisms for economic development. The University’s efforts to encourage and foster entrepreneurship are growing the number of start-ups and future inventors for state, regional and national economies.

Undergraduate Research

Research at UA is not limited to professors and graduate students. Undergraduate students engage in research that supplements their coursework and encourages further insight into the questions, problems and topics of their chosen field of study. What students learn through research helps them excel in academics and connect classroom learning to real-world application. The relationships students build with their faculty research mentors provide a far-reaching network of support, guidance and connections that lasts through college and beyond graduation.

Research Development

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Economic Development offers a number of programs designed to build the research community on the campus of The University of Alabama. These activities include networking sessions to foster collaboration, funding search resources, internal funding opportunities, and professional development to enhance the ability of faculty, staff and students to secure funding for research and other scholarly activities. We are always looking for ways to better connect with our faculty and build our community of research.