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“It’s considered tacky to name organisms after yourself, but I have named a few new species after colleagues …. I’ve got a few new species I’m working on from New Zealand and Australia. I’ll name them after some other people I work with.”

“So what I think what happened was that ‘meg’ (megalodon shark) just got so big because it was literally just a buffet of all of these medium-sized whales. And then all of a sudden the buffet closes and you’re left with this giant shark that can’t really support itself.”

Dr. Dana J. Ehret, curator of paleontology, UA's Alabama Museum of Natural History, discussing the evolution of whales and the super-predator megalodon shark some 3 million years ago (The Atlantic)

“Who among us knew that the most abundant vertebrates in this region are the inconspicuous, shy salamanders that contribute mightily to water quality and carbon management in wetlands? The Mobile-Tensaw Delta is full of surprises, as much for the scientist as for the casual visitor enjoying fishing, bird watching, or simply canoeing this watery maze.”

Dr. Fred Andrus associate professor and department chair, geological sciences (RV Daily Report)

Campus Mail Service Relocates

Campus Mail Service has relocated its departmental mail operations from the Ancillary Services Building to the west wing of the new Printing and Mail Services Facility located at 325 Kirkbride Lane on the Peter Bryce campus.