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UA Hosts Three-Day Digital Humanities Conference, “Digitorium”

College professors from across the U.S. and Europe are headed to The University of Alabama this week to take part in the Digitorium, a three-day digital humanities conference.

The Digitorium will take place at Gorgas Library and Morgan Hall March 2-4. University Libraries and the Hudson Strode Program in Renaissance Studies in the English department are sponsoring the conference.

“My dance this year was created with the dancers as we explored improvisational prompts to move different body parts and to find unique ways to link with, connect to and support other dancers. . . . Another idea that arose was celebrating our unique and individual personalities and movement styles, but also being able to find common ground and ways we can work together and support one another.” 

Sarah J. Barry, associate professor of dance, discussing Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre (Crimson White)