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Too often, we seem to forget why we celebrate special holidays.  Labor Day is no different.  Some say it is when summer ends despite its end several days later.  In a presidential election year, it is a pivotal time in election campaigns. In fact, Labor Day is a grand celebration of the hard work of so many. While disputed by some, it is a special day originally advocated by a machinist in the 1880’s with the simple idea of celebrating the hard work of working men. Today, we don’t celebrate this holiday because it is designated by the federal government, rather we do so because we honor the hard work and toil of all men and women everywhere in our country. In what seems a turbulent time for all working people today, stop and take time to rest from your daily grind of labor. You earned it.”

Bama Fan Friday

We want to see our biggest Alabama fans! Show off your Bama pride by sending us photos of your Bama-themed room, awesome tailgate setup, or even your pets in their Bama gear.