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Flooding Update

Last updated: Monday, Oct. 18, 2021

Current Status

What happened

On the afternoon of Sept. 18, intense rain affected most of campus, resulting in flash floods and closed roadways. Preliminary models indicate about 3.5 inches of rain in just over an hour. The amount and timing of the rain caused stormwater systems to back up throughout the city, including some campus locations. Road closures were announced on social media, and a campus-wide alert advised our community to avoid driving on campus. Multiple campus buildings were affected. Several basement-level classrooms were damaged and taken offline until repairs could be made. Some electric power and network service was initially impaired but restored a few hours later.

Our Response

University officials responded immediately to assess the extent and impact of the damage. An emergency command center was activated. Clean-up, restoration, remediation and relocations began as quickly as possible and are continuing. We are grateful to every UA staff member who responded to help, and to the external community partners who continue to assist.

Looking Forward

The University keeps flooding concerns at the forefront in planning. We are working with several research teams to monitor flood-prone areas and are partnering with city and community organizations to address the issue more broadly.

Health and Safety Warning

This flooding event is an important reminder of how dangerous flooding, even in city streets, can become. Please DO NOT DRIVE on roadways with standing water, and DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WALK or play in flooded areas. If you were caught out in the flood waters and have any exposed cuts or abrasions, contact the Student Health Center or University Medical Center for a Tetanus shot (if you have not had one in the past 3-5 years).