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Touching lives is about impact — the positive result of an encounter, the so what of a word or deed, the far-reaching effects of an act, big or small.

The University of Alabama makes individual lives better, brighter, more hopeful, more promising. It's the impact that the one can have on another or on the many. It's impact that is long-lasting, personal, memorable. It's who we are, as much as what we do. It's the wisdom of a professor, a hug from a friend, a smile from a child who's learned something new. It's a new playground, a new cure, familiar and time-honored words on a page, a walk across the Quad. It's something that changes your life, then enables you to change other lives. It's what makes a difference. It's tradition and new discoveries.

The University of Alabama touches lives every day... Please explore our Web site further to learn more about how UA impacts you.