“I suspect it is because political leaders often attempt policy change that is too extreme when they have unified control of legislature and executive branch. They don’t expect to have to compromise. But it often turns out that there are intra-party disagreements.”

“It’s considered tacky to name organisms after yourself, but I have named a few new species after colleagues …. I’ve got a few new species I’m working on from New Zealand and Australia. I’ll name them after some other people I work with.”

“Who among us knew that the most abundant vertebrates in this region are the inconspicuous, shy salamanders that contribute mightily to water quality and carbon management in wetlands? The Mobile-Tensaw Delta is full of surprises, as much for the scientist as for the casual visitor enjoying fishing, bird watching, or simply canoeing this watery maze.”

Dr. Fred Andrus associate professor and department chair, geological sciences (RV Daily Report)