Fish Tails Galore

It’s no wonder you can hear so many good fish tales in Alabama when you consider how many different types of fish tails can be found in the state’s waters.

Martian Minerals

Looking at rocks in Idaho might not be the first place that comes to mind in searching for clues to whether life exists on Mars, but that’s where The University of Alabama’s Dr. Eric Roden expects to begin his quest in November.

Gaining an Edge

When she enrolled at UA as a freshman in 2002, Caitlin Prickett never considered she would soon begin modifying the “building blocks” that make up the genetic code of human life — pretty heady stuff for an undergraduate. But, as a participant in the University’s Howard Hughes Undergraduate Research Intern program, Prickett chemically alters these compounds, known as nucleosides, in the laboratory in attempts to better understand how cancerous tumors develop and to potentially help develop new leads in the fight against the dreaded disease.

UA Research on Rare Disorder Brings Insight into Epilepsy

Researchers at The University of Alabama, who have found a way to mimic epileptic seizures in the tiny roundworm C. elegans, have published their findings in the current issue of a top ranked scientific journal. The efforts could make the worm a powerful model for unraveling the molecular regulation of epilepsy, a condition that affects 2 percent of the population.

Protecting Environment Goes High Tech for Geographer

A University of Alabama geographer is monitoring the Gulf of Mexico’s water quality from a few hundred miles inland. In fact, with some assistance from a satellite orbiting some 438 miles above the Pensacola, Fla. area, he can measure the water’s ever changing quality from his office on the UA campus.

Hydrogen Research Will Lead to New Breed of Automobile

The record rise of gasoline prices during 2004 underscored for consumers a need scientists have been interested in for some time — the search for alternative fuel sources. The University of Alabama is on the cutting edge of that search and is working toward innovative solutions to make hydrogen-powered cars and trucks a reality.

A Crisis of Care

Alabama’s Black Belt is part of a region that is home to both the richest soil and the poorest people in the United States. It is an area where economic stagnation is common and small, dying towns dot the landscape. Insufficient health care and underfunded and understaffed schools are the norm.