Growing Where None Dare Grow Before

While many of us are concentrating on beating the heat as temperatures near triple digits, a University of Alabama botanist is focused on helping plants better withstand the cold.

Catch and Release

A drought-interrupting rain showers a trio of anglers, but they remain undeterred from their task – despite the weather and a complete lack of interest in catching fish.

Science of the Small Brings Giant Hope

Think, for a second, about the size of a red blood cell. Now, imagine anything that’s about 7,000 times smaller. That would be a nanometer. It’s also representative of the world in which a host of University of Alabama researchers are involved.

Hanging by a Thread

Going down any red carpet these days, a celebrity is always asked, “Who are you wearing,” referring to the clothes’ designer.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

“Breaking Up is Hard to Do” is advice from a popular 1970s song, but older women going through a relationship breakup may have health problems to go along with their broken hearts, a University of Alabama researcher has found.

Song of Hope Springs from Enterprise Tragedy

As a way to express human emotion, music can say it all without saying a word. The powerful feeling music can provide is the impetus behind a new, commissioned piece of music from The University of Alabama to honor and remember victims of the devastating tornado that slammed through Enterprise, Ala., on March 1, 2007.

Can You Hear Me Now?

Human hearing can only discern the location of a noise to a certain level–beyond that we have to rely on technology. Although having the ability to locate a sound source could be vital for emergency location after a disaster, traditional sensors are too cumbersome and difficult to use in such situations.

Performance Reviews

They have a number of names – annual performance reviews, annual evaluations, performance evaluations, employee appraisals – whatever. But, they are second only to firing an employee as the task the majority of managers say they dislike the most.

Uncovering Well-Kept Secrets

Access to the Vatican Secret Archives is a privilege granted to only a limited number of researchers each year. Dr. Anthony Clark, assistant professor of Chinese history at The University of Alabama, had access to the Secret Archives and the Pope’s private library in Vatican City last summer to research 14th through 17th century letters between European and Chinese monarchs.