Researchers Study Stream Ecology in the Arctic

A group of University of Alabama researchers regularly endure the Arctic’s frigid conditions to learn more about the relationships between the area’s free-flowing streams and the organisms that survive, even thrive, because of those streams.

Forecasting Solutions

A UA hydrogeologist, who developed a computer model that became the industry standard for predicting movement of groundwater contaminants, is part of a team focusing on the nation’s most contaminated nuclear site.

The Stigma Remains

To Dr. Pamela Payne Foster, a former New Yorker, the most striking thing about the red brick building on the street corner of the Alabama town was the complete absence of signage indicating its purpose. It was home to an AIDS Service Organization.

Harnessing Energy

From chemists to physicists to engineers, researchers throughout The University of Alabama campus are working to develop systems designed to reduce harmful emissions, produce new ways to harness energy, improve efficiency and increase fuel flexibility.

A Journal Like No Other

The University of Alabama is home to a new research journal providing a mechanism for higher education professionals to disseminate scholarly works from all academic disciplines with the goal of integrating teaching, research and community engagement.

All in the Hips

The crashing of the enormous fluked tail on the surface of the ocean is a “calling card” of modern whales. Living whales have no back legs, and their front legs take the form of flippers that allow them to steer. Their special tails provide the powerful thrust necessary to move their huge bulk.

Listening to the Voices Inside Your Head

When students make mistakes in the classroom, teachers are instructed to use immediate feedback. This makes a strong impression and ensures that students won’t repeat the mistakes again and again.

Community Pulse Keepers

Bernice Washington has her finger on the pulse of her community. By working at a mental health center, learning about ways to treat alcoholism and becoming involved in the reformation of a neighborhood, Washington, a lifelong Tuscaloosan, got to know about the needs of her community.