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UA Cyber Security Researcher Explains Cloudflare Data Leak

Matthew Hudnall, deputy director of UA’s Center for Advanced Public Safety, explains the Cloudflare bug that has caused a massive data leak from Internet sites like Uber and Fitbit. (Story via WVTM 13)

“It’s a chance to meet with other people who are interested in astronomy. With the instruments we have, such as our 16-inch telescope and a fully mechanized observatory dome, we are able to provide the public with a striking view of astronomical objects.”

“This is our home, the galaxy we live in. We want to understand the galaxy, but it’s hard because we’re right in the middle of it.”

Dr. Jeremy Bailin, assistant professor of physics and astronomy, on new images of the Milky Way recently released through an international research collaboration on which he partnered (

“The goal is to aid and develop understanding to retain the Everglades in as pristine a state as possible. And that’s a continuing process.”

Dr. Greg Starr, associate professor of biological sciences, on research in the wetlands recently boosted by an NSF grant (Environmental Monitor)