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Driving South

"The spark that caused the automobile manufacturing fire in this state was struck at The University of Alabama," says Dr. Malcolm Portera, chancellor of The University of Alabama System.

December 18, 2002

America’s Going Gray

In America, the population age 65 and older is expected to double by 2030. At that rate, this group is projected to comprise 20 percent of the population while utilizing 50 percent of the...

December 3, 2002

Deep Secrets

Dr. Paul Aharon regularly travels to two of the darkest places on the planet in an effort to shed light on the global warming debate.

November 17, 2002

Following Their Lead

While the number of women scientists and engineers has certainly increased since the late 1970s, when Dr. Margaret Johnson was an undergraduate student, it has been a slow change.

November 14, 2002

For Terrorists, It’s All About Resources

Although there was earlier much dispute over whether, when and how President Bush knew about the September 11 attacks on America, Dr. Walter Enders, professor of economics and Lee Bidgood Chair of Economics and...

November 5, 2002

UA Biologist Explores ‘Abominable Mystery’ that is the World of Flowers

It's commonly known as Japanese sweet flag, although scientists call it acorus. Prior to blooming, this plant's long, narrow, dark green blades remind the untrained of monkey grass. However, in the laboratories of The...

October 21, 2002

UA Researchers Help Develop Fuel of the Future

Pumping gas into your car may be unnecessary in a few years. Instead, many vehicles on the highways could run on hydrogen fuel cells. Research at The University of Alabama is helping move this...

October 12, 2002

Less Means More in Nano-Particles Research

If less is more, researchers in The University of Alabama's Center for Materials Information Technology, or MINT, have struck gold in their attempts to discover how to store greater amounts of data in smaller...

October 5, 2002

UA to Aid in Identifying Alabama’s Uninsured Children

Although they live in the world's wealthiest nation, more than 10 million children across America do not have health insurance. More than 70,000 of these children live in Alabama.

September 21, 2002

Remembering to Ask Humpty

Several years ago the trustees of The University of Alabama realized that rural health care needs and solutions were scattered throughout six colleges at UA. To bring together these like-minded people, the Institute of...

September 10, 2002

Ballistics Research Helps Air Force Develop New Weapons Technology

A research team in The University of Alabama's College of Engineering is assisting the U.S. Air Force in selecting the best steel alloy to use in its next generation of air-launched weapons.

September 9, 2002

UA Developing Substance Abuse Treatment Programs Within Impoverished Neighborhoods

A University of Alabama social scientist hopes to use a new $3.75 million federal grant, awarded to UA by the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment, to change five impoverished Mobile area neighborhoods — from...

August 18, 2002

Four-Legged Fun Part of Speech Pathologist’s Therapy

Dr. Beth Macauley, UA assistant professor of communicative disorders, has a black, six-year old Newfoundland retriever mix as a research assistant.

June 22, 2002

May the Technology Force Be With You

Most people know George Lucas for his creation of the "Star Wars" film saga. However, it was Lucas' work with education - not his more famous work in film — that caught the attention...

May 1, 2002

Research, Teaching Efforts to Soon Call Shelby Hall Home

Shelby Hall, The University of Alabama's $50 million interdisciplinary teaching and research complex, is on schedule to meet a November 2003 completion date.

March 15, 2002