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Students and faculty from across The University of Alabama competed in business plan competitions and showcased emerging technology at AIME Day, an annual pitch and demonstration expo for inventors and […]

May 25, 2016

UA Business Students Partner with Healthcare Business Solutions on Project

The University of Alabama’s Business Analytics Lab at the Culverhouse College of Commerce recently completed its first business analytics study for Healthcare Business Solutions, one of its partner companies.

February 23, 2016

Whistle While You Work: Researchers Try Unlocking Key to Happiness

What’s the key to happiness at work? University of Alabama researchers have found some answers.

February 19, 2016

Borrowing for Health

There is limited research on whether families use unsecured debt to finance health care expenses. Dr. Patryk Babiarz hopes to change that.

April 17, 2013

Private Eyes: Study Looks at Alleviating Customers’ Privacy Concerns

By better understanding how consumers are made comfortable providing personal information online, University of Alabama marketing experts are providing website-development strategies beneficial to both customers and companies.

January 22, 2013

A Catalyst for Jobs

As anyone who has picked up a newspaper -- or stood in an unemployment line -- knows, creating jobs in today’s economic climate is a slow-lane struggle. In partnership with UA faculty and staff,...

December 18, 2012

‘$5 Man’ Hears the Hum of Economic Development

Around The University of Alabama’s Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration, people often call Sam Addy the “Five-Dollar Man.”

April 4, 2012

Boardroom Brawls: Finance Researcher Reviews Internal Disputes, Consequences

A University of Alabama researcher examines boardroom disputes and their impact on the stock market.

October 29, 2009

A Launching Pad for Entrepreneurs

Similarities abound between Donald Trump and The University of Alabama's Dr. William "Bill" Gathings. No, maybe not the hair, but each has demonstrated an entrepreneurial spirit, and both are ardent promoters of a...

October 8, 2008

Performance Reviews

They have a number of names – annual performance reviews, annual evaluations, performance evaluations, employee appraisals – whatever. But, they are second only to firing an employee as the task the majority of managers...

August 17, 2007

Following the Money

Money laundering, according to news accounts, is the world's third largest business, a business so large that it is nearly impossible to even estimate the volume. The United Nations Crime and Justice Database describes...

July 22, 2005

Founding Fathers Were Among First Auditors

Auditing is much in the news these days, with Enron, WorldCom and other corporate scandals dominating the business pages. But auditing almost literally came with the founding of the country, according to research done...

August 10, 2003

Marketing Professor Honored for Research

Hunt was Morgan's advisor and mentor while Morgan was at TTU earning his doctorate, and together the two developed an article from Morgan's dissertation. Morgan is pleased with the feedback his article has received,...

March 2, 2003

Driving South

"The spark that caused the automobile manufacturing fire in this state was struck at The University of Alabama," says Dr. Malcolm Portera, chancellor of The University of Alabama System.

December 18, 2002

For Terrorists, It’s All About Resources

Although there was earlier much dispute over whether, when and how President Bush knew about the September 11 attacks on America, Dr. Walter Enders, professor of economics and Lee Bidgood Chair of Economics and...

November 5, 2002