Performing Arts

“My dance this year was created with the dancers as we explored improvisational prompts to move different body parts and to find unique ways to link with, connect to and support other dancers. . . . Another idea that arose was celebrating our unique and individual personalities and movement styles, but also being able to find common ground and ways we can work together and support one another.” 

Sarah J. Barry, associate professor of dance, discussing Alabama Repertory Dance Theatre (Crimson White)

“I think opera is a very special art form. It’s something a lot of people consider geared towards different generations. But one of the most amazing things about it is that even now, there are so many things about it that are so very current and relevant.”

Chris Withrow, first-year doctoral student in music (Crimson White)

“I have met my best friends through this organization (Dance Alabama!), I’d say. It has a huge place in my heart because a lot of people get an opportunity to do something we love even if they don’t want to do it in their profession. Whatever their situation they are able to audition and be a part of it.”