Honors Week, Tapping Ceremony Recognize Students in 2019

  • April 8th, 2019
A scene from the Tapping on the Mound ceremony on April 5.

Tapping on the Mound

The following students were recognized April 5 during UA’s Tapping on the Mound ceremony.

Outstanding Freshmen: Camryn Shields, Samuel Aloysius Barnes.

Outstanding Sophomore: Royce Dickerson.

Outstanding Junior: Olivia Gevedon.

Outstanding Senior: Price McGiffert.

Outstanding Transfer Student: Marcelino Diaz.

Outstanding Graduate Students: Sarah Rumfelt, Amk Bahrum Prang Rocky.

Anderson Society

Anderson Society, a senior honorary, was founded at The University of Alabama in 1975 and seeks to promote excellence in student leadership and service as well as high academic standards. Each year, 24 members are selected in recognition of their significant contributions to the University.

Emily Adams, Carlyle Ascik, Kaytlyn Carlson, Justin Cenname, Catherine Christopher, Alexis Crane, Alexus Cumbie, Sara Ferguson, Sara Heath, Emily Hooker, Lindsay Howard, Benjamin Kiszla, Grace Anne Lake, Mason Lake, Clay Martinson, William McGehee, Joseph Pilleteri, Daniel Propp, Samantha Saloom, Jessica Smith, Josiah Sowell, Ryan Tuckey, Avery Watson, Elizabeth Wilkirson.

Honorary Members; Darious Davis, Ross D’Entremont, Atticus DeProspo, Rob Harrington, Madison Haynes, Grace Liu, Sara Wilson.

Mortar Board

Mortar Board, a national honor society for men and women, is based on leadership, scholarship and service. It is one of the highest honors that can be granted to seniors. Members must display outstanding dedication to service and leadership.

Ashley Adams, Emily Adams, Bart Adams Jr., Carlyle Ascik, Whitney Blalock, Abbey Blanchard, Bailey Bowling, Olivia Brick, Christopher Bryant, Justin Cenname, Catherine Christopher, Mary Clements, Allie Coogler, Lauren Cook, Alexis Crane, Alexus Cumbie, Elizabeth Cusick, Jessica Dobkin, Gillian Eckwall, Sara Ferguson, Sydney Gabrielson, Hannah George, Olivia Gevedon, Abigail Gorbett, Sumona Gupta, Emily Hooker, Lindsay Howard, Annie Hughes, Mackenzie Johnson, Lauren Joy, Emily Kabalin, Zachary Katz,Benjamin Kiszla, Olivia Kompa, Jake Kraft, Ally Krenos, Kendall Kruchten, Kathryn Lahr, Grace Anne Lake, Benjamin Leonard, Anne Loflin, Claire Long, Emma Mansberg, Melanie Marshall, Clay Martinson, Alyssa McGee, Charlotte McRae, Caitlyn McTier, Meredith Moore, Luke Nolen, Ellie Novotny, Logan O’Leary, Samuel Perry, Joseph Pilleteri, Alexandra Plavin, Daniel Propp, Geneva Roach, Olivia Rush, Courtney Sager, Samantha Saloom, Caroline Smith, Jessica Smith, Josiah Sowell, Addison Stewart, Andrew Sudol, Blaire Taggart, Joule Tazbir, Emma Thomas, Andrew Tucker, Alexandra Vance, Ryan Waelde, Avery Watson, Caroline Wigley, Charles Wright.

Honorary Members: Dr. David Heggem, Professor Mark Harris, Dr. Meredith Bagley, Judge Sue Bell Cobb.

Blue Key Honor Society

Blue Key was, with Omicron Delta Kappa and the Jasons, one of the first three honor societies at The University of Alabama. During the Great Depression, Blue Key ceased operating on the campus, but it returned in 1987. Blue Key members are selected during spring semester of the junior year and must represent high scholastic ideals, leadership and diversity of background. Selection is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed on rising seniors.

Ashley Adams, Emily Adams, Bart Adams Jr., Chappell Alex, Joseph Ballard, Kaytlyn Carlson, Justin Cenname, Mary Clements, Jessica Cochran, Allie Coogler, Lauren Cook, Jacqueline Darling, Sara Ferguson, Sydney Gabrielson, Abigail Gorbett, Emily Hooker, Mackenzie Johnson, Benjamin Kiszla, Olivia Kompa, Kendall Kruchten, Grace Anne Lake, Riley Lancaster, Benjamin Leonard, Clay Martinson, Alyssa McGee, Brittany McMillian, Charlotte McRae, Caitlyn McTier, Meredith Moore, Samuel Perry, Joseph Pilleteri, Daniel Propp, Olivia Rush, E’talia Shakir, Caroline Smith, Josiah Sowell, Addison Stewart, Andrew Sudol, Trey Sullivan, Sarah Trulove, Andrew Tucker, Alexandra Vance, Avery Watson, Elizabeth Wilkirson, Courtney Zotaj.

Omicron Delta Kappa

The purpose of Omicron Delta Kappa is to recognize those students who have attained high standards in collegiate activities, to inspire others to strive for similar attainments, and to bring together students in all areas of college life: scholarship; athletics; campus or community service; social and religious activities; campus government; journalism, speech and mass media; and creative and performing arts.

Chelsea Aaron, Ashley Adams, Bart Adams Jr., Chappell Alex, Emma Bannen, Adam Benabbou, Jacqueline Berg, Whitney Blalock, Christopher Bryant, Sydney Burkhart, Kaytlyn Carlson, Reilly Carr, Catherine Christopher, Baylee Clark, Jade Clark, Mary Clements, Jessica Cochran, Allie Coogler, Lauren Cook, Cameron Cortinas, Alexis Crane, Alexus Cumbie, Elizabeth Danner, Jacqueline Darling, Olivia Dato, Annika Day, Chatham DeProspo, Isabella DeSheplo, Skylar Devers, Sakina Dhondia, Kailey Dow, Ciara Doyle, Emily Fox, Caitlyn French, Sydney Gabrielson, Hannah George, Abigail Gorbett, Sumona Gupta, Elizabeth Harvey, Jacqueline Hernandez, Christopher Hicks, Madeline Hirschfield, Abygail Holtzclaw, Emily Hooker, Lindsay Howard, Annie Hughes, Erin Jacobs, Mackenzie Johnson, Anna Jones, Zachary Katz, Benjamin Kiszla, Jackson Kitchin, Ally Krenos, Kathryn Lahr, Mason Lake, Grace Anne Lake, Riley Lancaster, Elizabeth LaPaugh, Clayton Lawing, Benjamin Leonard, Caitlyn Lesso, Kiley Lord, Aubrey Losack, Emma Mansberg, Maxwell Martin, Clay Martinson, Natalia Mayo, LeNaá McDonald, Alyssa McGee, William McGehee, Alexandra McKibbin, Andrew McLuckie, Brittany McMillian, Charlotte McRae, Caitlyn McTier, Janna Meeks, Kayla Merritt, Matthew Metz, KayLaura Miller, Kelsey Montgomery, Meredith Moore, Emma Neumann, Luke Nolen, Chandler Noordhoff, Ellie Novotny, Logan O’Leary, Lindsey O’Sullivan, Armon Palmer, Thalia Panoutsos, Samuel Perry, Joseph Pilleteri, Marie Pisani, Hannah Pope, Daniel Propp, Amica Rapadas, Virginia Rieger, Lillian Rogers, Carsen Rooney, Annabel Roth, Olivia Rush, Elizabeth Russell, Alexandra Sample, Emily Schnarre, Alexandra Schrobilgen, Malik Seals, E’talia Shakir, Spencer Silveus, Caroline Smith, Jessica Smith, Gracie Smith, Josiah Sowell, Lily Stadler, Nicholas Stamatopoulos, Addison Stewart, Andrew Sudol, Trey Sullivan, Hunter Sweeney, Blaire Taggart, Joule Tazbir, Lucinda Thomas, Mary Thomas, Brittany Tretter, Ryan Tuckey, Rolanda Turner, Avery Watson, Emelia Watts, James Weiss, Caroline Wigley, Elizabeth Wilkirson, Charles Wright, Genna Yonge, Courtney Zotaj.

2019 Alumni Student Award Recipients

The purpose of the Alumni Student Award is to honor seniors who have excelled in academics and extracurricular activities, shown strength of character and maturity, and displayed exceptional hospitality toward guests and friends of the University. Nominations are accepted from student organizations, deans, department heads, University administrators, alumni, faculty, and friends of the University. The selection committee for the Alumni Student Award and the Outstanding Senior Award consists of students, alumni and faculty. The students receiving the award are Maret Armour Montanari and Price McGiffert.

2019 Outstanding Senior Award Recipients

The purpose of the Outstanding Senior Award is to honor an additional group of seniors who have excelled at the University and have demonstrated exceptional character. The Outstanding Senior Award recipients are limited in number according to the judgment of the selection committee.

Alyssa Barefield, Matthew Barrett, Eryn Burr Cooper, Andrew Ross D’Entremont, Amanda Flamerich, Daniel Joseph Nielsen, Christopher Painter, Jessica Procter, Amber Scales, Pamela Grace Turner.

2019 Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

The purpose of the Distinguished Alumni Awards is to honor alumni of The University of Alabama for their loyalty and service to the University and to the UA National Alumni Association. Recipient selection is also based on character, professional achievements, and community service at the local, state or national levels.

Distinguished Alumna Award: Susan Gentle Krell.

Distinguished Alumnus Award: André J. Taylor.

Black Scholars Day 

The University of Alabama’s Black Faculty and Staff Association recently recognized students who received premier academic awards for 2018-19. The students were honored on Black Scholars Day in March.

Autherine Lucy Foster Endowed Scholarship: Orlanda Johnson.

Vivian Malone Jones Endowed Scholarship and the Archie Wade Award: Leia Brown.

Vivian Malone Jones Endowed Scholarship: Alexandria Perry.

James Hood Endowed Scholarship: Cordell Hunt

Pollie Anne Myers-Pinkins AAAN Endowed Scholarship: Tiara Pennington.

John England Award: Jazmine Adams.

Joffre and Zadie Whisenton Award: Crystal Garner, Kristalyn Lee, Teresa Whiting, Shani Kerr.

Cleo Thomas Award: Kayla Bell, Byron Bennett, Jeserica Brinson, Camille Carr, Norris Davis, Maya Eatman, Anna Johnson, Renesha Matthews, Ronald Nelson, Tedra Roper, Kaitlyn Thomas, Lauren Tucker, Erin Washington.

Harold Bishop Award: Rhonalda Bonner, Makaylah Kirk, Sarah Strickland.

Archie Wade Award: Ashley Adams, Noah Anzaldua, Abdul Rahman Barrie, Aaliyah Blankenship, Leia Brown, Ashleigh Gibbs, Ashalya Hayes, Kasia Hunter, Courtney King, Daija Lampkin, Vito Lella, Natalia Mayo, Caitlyn McTier, Alexandria Perry, Reginald Porter, Jemarcus Pullins, Riley Raynor, Auveanna Robinson, Brianna Smith, Tyler Yarbrough.

Earnestine Tucker Award: Jasmyne Allen, Jasmine Arnold, Alexis Carmichael, Isabelle Combs, Olivia Diaz, Shamar Elliott, Arianna Kellum,   Hannah King, Savannah Lee, Alexis Mitchell, Madeleine Obuya, Taylor Smith, William Sumlin.

Sandral Hullet Award: Cassidy Burrell, Shania Cole, Sterling Dozier, Janeria Edwards, Caitlyn Gray, Haylie Hall, Shamia Hardy, Maurgan Haynes, Gabrielle Helton, Sheridan Hill, Jamarii Hooks, Tekia Horn, Trokelle Innis, Katherine Jackson, Caitlyn Jones, Jaime Jones, Julian Kenner, Kirby Lewis, Sydnei Lilly, Malcolm Lowe, Amaya McClain, Zachary Nelson, Madison Plattenburg, Kenslee Pompey, Zaria Rogers, Charles Russell, Jason Shaw, Jordan Smith, Ariel Smith, Danielle Spencer, Shardae Stallworth, Kersten Taylor, Gabriella Thacker, Cameron Tolbert, Marlo Trainor, Chantelle Wilson, Hailey Zalewa.

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