UA In the News — Jan. 16

  • January 16th, 2019

“Hope and Fury” documentary screened at UA
WVUA (Tuscaloosa) – Jan. 15
A new documentary about a civil rights hero is having a big impact on its audience. It has been 50 years since the death of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., but the legacy he left behind is much alive through social media. The 2018 documentary, “Hope and Fury” shines a different light on King’s powerful movement…The duo held a screening Monday night to speak about their work…

Dr. Christine Taylor talks about “Day On – Not a Day Off!” (live interview)
WVUA (Tuscaloosa) – Jan. 15
I’m with Dr. G. Christine Taylor. She’s with the office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at The University of Alabama. There are a lot of big events happening that we are going to get to in just a moment. But, first of all, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is also known as a day of service. So, instead of a day off, you’re looking for that to be a day on? “Absolutely. And not only a day on, but a big day on. We really want to have our students, the faculty, the staff, and of course, the larger community to get out and make a difference.”

‘Is It Ever OK to Lecture?’
Chronicle of Higher Education – Jan. 16
On Twitter in November, Claire Major, a professor of higher-education administration at the University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa, tweeted that “when students are listening to a lecture, they are ‘doing something.’ They are listening. How actively they listen is in part on us — their teachers.” If we’re going to lecture, and we want students to retain what we say, we need to work to ensure that they will learn from our efforts. That means designing activities that prime students to listen actively.

SID SALTER: History salvaged: Book preserves state’s reaction to ‘integrate at once’ court order
Meridian Star – Jan. 16
School desegregation in Mississippi was a tough, messy and often a very dangerous business. None knew those truths better than the white and black Mississippi school superintendents, principals, classroom teachers, coaches and students who were charged a half-century ago with catching the judicial hot potato known as Alexander v. Holmes County Board of Education. . .  Too many of the stories of Mississippi educators from that era have passed away. But through the efforts of Mississippi State University Professor James “Jim” Adams and his wife, University of Alabama Professor Natalie Adams, many of those first-person accounts of public school integration in Mississippi are being preserved – like those of “Hardwood” Kelly.

HGTV co-founder lectures on emotional intelligence
Crimson White – Jan. 15
Susan Packard, co-founder of Scripps Network Interactive and Home and Garden Television, presented a lecture about emotional intelligence and emotional fitness as a part of the Culverhouse College of Business Lowder Lecture series on Jan. 14. Packard defined emotional intelligence and fitness as being able to effectively manage your own emotions while relating effectively to others, reading their emotions and responding appropriately.

Get on Board Day supports student involvement on campus
Crimson White – Jan. 15
Get On Board Day (GOBD), a popular UA tradition held each fall and spring, will be held for students on Jan. 17 and give them the opportunity to sign up and learn more about different organizations on campus. Many UA organizations and clubs participate in GOBD by setting up tables for students to browse, as it serves as a way for students to get more involved on campus.

CAMPUS KUDOS: Santa Rosa County students recognized
Santa Rosa (Florida) Press-Gazette—Jan. 15
University of Alabama student Mac Pewitt of Gulf Breeze will participate in UA’s Cooperative Education Program for spring 2019. Pewitt will be working at WestRock-Phenix City.

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