UA In the News — June 8

  • June 8th, 2018

UA researcher says spending time on tablets could be a good distraction for children
WVUA (Tuscaloosa) – June 7
Most believe spending too much time on phones or tablets is a negative thing. However, a new study just published by researchers at the University of Alabamashows that video tablet “distraction” can be useful in easing the pain that children go through during medical procedures. The study focused on pediatric burn patients going through hydrotherapy or wound cleansing, which can be very painful. Dr. Sherwood Burns-Nader says the results of the study will be valuable.
Summer tutoring program helps Tuscaloosa-area HS students with AP courses
Fox 6 (Birmingham) – June 7
Kids from some Tuscaloosa-area high schools hope to get better prepared for some Advanced Placement courses by studying with college students over the summer … College First has been an ongoing summer program at the University of Alabama for nine years.
ABC 9 (Columbus, Georgia) – June 7
NBC 12 (Montgomery) – June 7
Joyce Vance comments on Trump-Russia investigation
MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell (National) – June 6 and 7
The FBI is told that Manafort was reaching out in, “An effort to influence the testimony of potential witnesses” Joining us now Ron Cline, former Chief of Staff, and former senior aid, and also Joyce Vance, a former federal prosecutor and professor at the University of Alabama School of Law and an MSNBC contributor.

Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress Names Annual Scholarship Winners for 2018
Roofing Contractor – June 7
The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress recently announced the winners of its Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarship for the 2018-19 academic year … In addition, the Alliance renewed eight Melvin Kruger Endowed Scholarships for the 2018-19 academic year. The recipients include … Sophia McGuire, of Indianapolis, who is a student at the University of Alabama; Lillian McKenzie, of Columbia, S.C., who attends Clemson University.

University of Alabama receives $6M transportation grant for overpass
Birmingham Business Journal – June 7
A new overpass in Tuscaloosa would provide an alternative route for about 80,000 vehicles per day.
Alabama Today – June 7
WVUA (Tuscaloosa) – June 7
ABC 33/40 (Birmingham) – June 7

Haru’s life ‘n grindz as a Hawaii expat in Bama
Tasty Island Hawaii – June 7
Aloha from the “Middle of Nowhere”! My name is Haru, one of the loyal readers and sometimes poster of Pomai’s Tasty Island food blog … Many things I can’t get here I can get there – especially since there’s a large population of Chinese and Indian students attending the University of Alabama.

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