In the News — May 10

  • May 10th, 2018

Concert for trombone and tumbue by American professors today in Thessaloniki
Thestival (Greece) – May 10
A particularly interesting concert for trombone and tumbas, the bass instruments of the orchestra, the professors of the University of Alabama, Dr. Jeremy Crawford and Dr. Jonathan Whitaker is organizing the Department of Musical Studies at the Aristotle University.

The Jaguar Is Made for the Age of Humans
The Atlantic – May 10
There’s a jaguar in the baño,” George Olah told me with a small smile. “Um?” I managed, squinting into the dusky Amazon forest surrounding our camp. “She’s behind that tree. Look for spots,” Olah said. Then: “No. That tree,” pointing to a trunk between 30 and 40 feet away … “Their ability to adjust to a variety of environments, including ‘edge’ environments, makes them better adapted for a humanized world,” says the University of Alabama’s Michael Steinberg, who studies attitudes toward jaguars among the Maya in Belize. But, he says, “Jaguars won’t survive without a sympathetic or at least neutral local human population, and they need forested areas through which they can move, hunt, and retreat.”

Trump attorney Cohen denies some claims made by Stormy’s lawyer (Live Interview)
MSNBC (National) (MSNBC Live with Katy Turner) – May 10
Let’s discuss the legal implications of these revelations … Here in the newsroom is Joyce Vance, a former U.S. attorney and professor at The University of Alabama School of Law, and an MSNBC contributor.
MSNBC – Brian Williams – May 10

Education Notes
The Independent (Livermore, California) – May 10
Rachel Adkins of Pleasanton, has been inducted into The University of Alabama’s chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. Students are elected to membership on the basis of outstanding academic achievement in the liberal arts and sciences.

Business Council of Alabama seen as ‘still effective,’ leadership speculation ‘totally false’
Yellowhammer – May 10
Lawmakers and political observers say the Business Council of Alabama still has plenty of pull in the state despite some loses in the State House and speculation about the future of the group’s chief executive officer. “I think it’s been effective,” said William Stewart, a political science professor at the University of Alabama who argues that supermajorities actually limit the impact of lobbying groups. “But on the other hand, I don’t think it needs to be as effective as it was in the past.”

Health Matters: Mental Health Awareness
WVUA (Tuscaloosa) – May 9
There can be a lot of clues going on in the behavior of a child that might suggest that something really difficult and painful is going on in their home life or perhaps in their personal life. It’s important for people who work with children or around children or have them in their families to have a sensitivity to that.

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