UA In the News — Jan. 6-8

The University of Alabama Earns a Victory Over an Ugly History
Wall Street Journal – Jan. 5
A big college football game will be played Monday night between the Alabama Crimson Tide and the Georgia Bulldogs. But in the ways that truly count in life, the University of Alabama has already scored a comeback victory for the ages. At the beginning of the current football season, on the day before Alabama was to host Colorado State in Tuscaloosa’s 101,821-seat Bryant-Denny Stadium, there was a quiet ceremony held on a patch of grass not far from the field. In front of several hundred people, a monument was unveiled. Its purpose was to honor a woman named Autherine Lucy Foster.
What do your sleeping patterns say about you? – quiz
The Guardian (U.K.) – Jan. 7
We spend a third of our lives either asleep or trying to sleep; for most of us, that’s more time than we spend on any other activity, including going to work. Yet we hardly ever talk about – or even think about – our sleep … In fact, if you scored around the 2.5 mark, you are sleeping about as well as the average person, at least according to a new study conducted at the University of Alabama.

Spills, Sediment, and Shoreline Contamination
Earth and Space Science News – Jan. 8
A recent paper in Reviews of Geophysics describes the formation and behavior of oil-sediment residues in marine and coastal environments following an oil spill. (T. Prabhakar Clement, Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, University of Alabama; email:
Work Is for Lovers, Or is it?
The Community Voice – Jan. 5
According to a 2017 survey, office romances like the Obama’s are not rare. In fact, more than 50% of those surveyed say they’ve participated in some kind of office romance with 10% of those surveyed saying they met their spouse/partner at work … Studies show that office romances can increase job satisfaction, motivation and morale overall, says University of Alabama law professor Daiquiri Steele. “Office romances have also been found to lead to increased creativity — to add more dynamic energy to the workplace,” Steele says.

American institutions opening doors, supporting Puerto Rico’s students
Education Dive – Jan. 8
Following the string of devastating natural disasters last year, several institutions stepped up and more are following suit … Like Pérez, University of Alabama President Stuart Bell explained in a press release that caring for students generally is part of the institution’s mission and business model: “As a university, we are concerned for our students, alumni, and their families. We have many groups and individuals ready to assist and resources available,” said Bell. “The University of Alabama is a place characterized by compassion to those hurting and in need…”
Meet the 34-Year-Old Founder of Spotify, Who Could Be Worth Billions This Year
Money – Jan. 6
Depending on who you talk to, Spotify CEO Daniel Ek is either the guy who saved the music industry, or the one who killed it. Nearly a decade after the 34-year-old launched the hit streaming service, rumored to go public within the next few months, his future stands to be a valuable one … Theresa Welbourne, PhD, a professor at the University of Alabama, and lead researcher of a 2017 study on the fate of private companies that go public, says most CEOs sell at least some of their shares at the IPO, and Elk may follow suit. “Regardless,” she says, “my guess is he stands to make a lot of money.”

Resolve to Be Financially Prepared in 2018; Take Time to Purchase Renter’s Insurance
Insurance News Net – Jan. 5
The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America issued the following news release: Retail sales are up from last year, and that means renters have more household items to protect. The Property Casualty Insurers Association of America (PCI) recommends renters add a review of their existing insurance coverage to their financial to-do list. The Alabama Center for Insurance Information at The University of Alabama Culverhouse College of Commerce has partnered with the Property Casualty Insurers Association of America, to produce the online interactive Renters Insurance Guide and printable brochure highlighting the importance of purchasing renter’s insurance.

Football sure is good for The University of Alabama
WVUA (Tuscaloosa) – Jan. 5 and 6
How does Alabama’s football success translate to the Capstone in general? Our very own Chelsea Barton sat down with University president Dr. Stuart Bell. Dr. Bell says one thing is for sure, Alabama’s dominance on the football field is good for the Capstone. “This is my third year in the presidency, and I guess I’m just getting the feeling this is what we do.” Dr. Stuart Bell, the president of The University of Alabama, is talking about the National Championship football game his team has played in for the last three years. “That’s one of those unique things that here at Alabama you get to experience that on somewhat of a routine basis.”

Elementary students to showcase art at UA’s Paul R. Jones Museum
Alabama News Center – Jan. 7
Fifteen students from Arcadia Elementary School will display their artwork alongside pieces from the Paul R. Jones Collection of American Art at the University of Alabama’s Paul R. Jones Museum from Jan. 10 to Feb. 23. During the semester, Dr. Lucy Curzon, UA associate professor of art and art history, worked with students once a week in an eight-week partnership class to sketch, draw, paint portraits, make collages and build musical instruments in the context of learning about jazz music and its relationship to the Paul R. Jones Collection of American Art.
Tuscaloosa News – Jan. 7
Trump administration’s crackdown on marijuana sales could push banks out of the industry
MSN – Jan. 6
Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision Thursday to scrap an Obama administration policy that offered legal shelter for state-sanctioned marijuana sales does not necessarily mean a wave of federal drug busts. But it could crimp California’s budding marijuana industry in another way: cutting its already-tenuous access to the financial system … With that memo now rescinded, the guidelines may be scrapped or at least amended, said Julie Hill, a law professor at the University of Alabama who follows cannabis banking law. “The whole (report) filing system doesn’t make any sense without clear enforcement priorities,” Hill said. “I don’t know what you do about that. I think it was risky before, and it’s even more risky now.”
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University of Alabama wins fundraising challenge
Tuscaloosa News – Jan. 5
The University of Alabama Athletics won the annual scholarship fundraising challenge among the College Football Playoff semifinalists by collecting more than 2,000 contributions during the four-day contest. Supporters provided 2,361 contributions, according to number announced by UA.

UA football uses cutting-edge technology for its athletes
WAKA-CBS & WNCF-ABC (Montgomery) – Jan. 6
When it comes to rehabilitation, this blood flow restriction device is something that UA has been using for a few years. “And what that does, the tourniquet limits the amount of blood flow comes into the leg and completely cuts the blood flow out of the leg. And by doing that, we trick the brain into thinking that it has to do things that it has to do when its working out with a lot of weight.” Just this past year, the University of Alabama came up with the portable sideline tent.

‘Lackadaisical’: How the 2018 elections loom large over legislative session – Jan. 8
State lawmakers who arrive for the start of the 2018 legislative session on Tuesday will likely be thinking more about calling campaign donors than fretting about gas taxes or prison construction … “I know the expression has been overused, but I believe they will try to ‘kick the can down the road’ as much as possible,” said William Stewart, professor emeritus of political sciences at the University of Alabama and a longtime observer of state politics.
Research finds connections between cancer victims in Fruithurst
CBS 42 (Birmingham) – Jan. 5
Eight people including four children in the Fruithurst community in Cleburn County were diagnosed with cancer, and the community believed the cases were related. Now, researchers have found something. With the help of a rural sociologist and a geochemist at Auburn University and a geological scientist at the University of Alabama, Christy Hiett, the principal of Fruithurst Elementary School, and a host of volunteers tested 26 water samples and 16 soil samples. In the process, they discovered connections between the cancer cases and the environment.

Restaurants and bars in Tuscaloosa prepare for the National Championship game / UA to hold Watch Party
NBC 13 (Birmingham) – Jan. 5 and 6
Restaurants and bars across the central Alabama are getting ready for the big game. We stopped by Innisfree pub in Tuscaloosa this week. University of Alabama students start back Wednesday so there are expecting a very large crowd for Monday night. ESPN plans to broadcast live from the public in Tuscaloosa during the game. The University of Alabama will have a place for students to gather for anyone who heads back to campus a few days early. The watch party will be held in the Ferguson Center ballroom.
CBS 42 (Birmingham) – Jan. 5 and 6

Tuscaloosa News – Jan. 7
The Community Foundation of West Alabama awarded the second annual Elois Zeanah scholarship to Price McGiffert Jr. of the University of Alabama and Valentyna Trull of Judson College. Elois Zeanah is remembered for her vision, public leadership and personal contributions to Alabama, the Republican Party, the Alabama Federation of Women and the National Federation of Republican Women.

Downtown Gadsden celebrates successful 2017
Gadsden Times – Jan. 7
2017 was another incredible year for downtown Gadsden, according to a news release from Downtown Gadsden Inc. New businesses, new events and new partnerships gave DGI something to celebrate … The “Stars fell on Alabama” movie series at the Pitman Theatre quickly became a big hit. In a partnership with the University of Alabama Gadsden Center and the Gadsden Public Library, DGI showed a movie each month that had a connection to Alabama.

National Alumni Association to host events in Atlanta
WVUA (Tuscaloosa) – Jan. 5
Tonight and over the weekend in Atlanta, they will host three events that the public is welcome to attend. As the manager of chapter development and special events tells us, if you attend you will be among some former Alabama stars.

Erin Dacy introduces you to some of the Million Dollar Band’s local talent
WAAY (Huntsville) – Jan. 7
The turnaround time from last weeks Sugar Bowl for Alabama and the Rose Bowl for Georgia is short — just seven days. It was a subject of the head coaches news conference today in Atlanta as they gear up for the national championship game tomorrow night. It’s also a quick turnaround for Alabama‘s million Dollar band. WAAY 31 special contributor Erin Dacy takes you on an “all access” trip to today’s Band practice in Sandy Springs, Georgia. Erin introduces you to some local band members.

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