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  • December 12th, 2017

UA researchers study how to improve tornado warnings for blind and deaf
Fox 6 (Birmingham) – Dec. 11
University of Alabama researchers are studying how they can improve Tornado warnings for the blind and deaf. UA researchers plan to interview deaf and blind communities not just in Alabama but throughout the Southeast region to better understand their needs. In the meantime, they’ve got an idea on how they can help them better understand tornado warnings issued by the National Weather Service.
WTOC 11 (Savannah, Georgia) – Dec. 11
NBC 12 (Montgomery) – Dec. 11
WTVM 9 (Columbus, Georgia) – Dec. 11
NBC 10 (Albany, Georgia) – Dec. 11
NBC 5 (Memphis, Tennessee) – Dec. 11
WDAM 7 (Moselle, Mississippi) – Dec. 11
UA to award more than 2,200 degrees on Saturday
Tuscaloosa News – Dec. 12
More than 2,200 degrees will be awarded during the University of Alabama’s graduation ceremonies on Saturday. UA will have two ceremonies at Coleman Coliseum on Saturday. Graduates from the Culverhouse College of Commerce, College of Communication & Information Sciences, College of Engineering, School of Social Work and School of Law will receive diplomas during the 9 a.m. ceremony.

Million Dollar Band Reaches Fundraising Goal for Equipment
U.S. News – Dec. 11
The University of Alabama’s Million Dollar Band took less than two weeks to raise money to buy new instruments. The band used an online fundraising platform to garner $40,001 within a 12-day span, reported. The band began accepting donations on Nov. 17 with the initial expectations of reaching its goal by Dec. 15.

What you need to know about Tuesday’s Senate election
CBS News – Dec. 11
It’s happening on Tuesday, and in a normal race in a normal year with normal candidates, the Republican candidate would be all but a shoo-in. President Trump won Alabama by 28 points in 2016. It’s one of the most Republican and most conservative states in the country. It hasn’t had a Democratic U.S. senator since Howell Heflin left office in 1997 … “I have to think the conservative Christians who care about abortion are voting for Roy Moore no matter what,” Richard Fording, a political science professor at the University of Alabama, told over the weekend.
CBS 11 (Colorado Springs, Colorado) – Dec. 11

University of Alabama advisor wins national award
Fox 6 (Birmingham) – Dec. 11
A University of Alabama advisor wins a national award for her service. Stacy Jones helps University of Alabama students make decisions that will help them graduate and be successful long after graduation. For those efforts, she was recently recognized with a national honor. The National Society of Collegiate Scholars named her as the initial National Advisor of the Year.

Joyce Vance comments on Alabama’s special Senate election (live interview)
MSNBC – Dec. 11
Let’s bring in former U.S. Attorney and professor at The University of Alabama School of Law, Joyce Vance … Joyce, Alabama’s voter ID law requires a driver’s license or a special voter ID to be presented in order to vote. How is that going to impact the state’s poorer or minority voters? There was a report back in 2015 that found that the 10 most non-white counties in Alabama, eight of which had their driver’s licenses offices closed. “Voting ID acts, generally, tend to make it more difficult for elderly voters, for minority voters, for people who live in poverty to access their right to vote …”

Washington Post – Dec. 11
If Roy Moore wins a U.S. Senate race in Alabama on Tuesday, Breitbart News chairman Stephen K. Bannon is going to take credit … “If Moore wins” on Tuesday added Carol A. Cassel, who specializes in political behavior and public opinion at the University of Alabama, “it’s because Alabama is a Republican, culturally conservative state. I think those factors put blinders on people when they consider the evidence against Moore, so it’s often disbelieved or questioned. I don’t think Bannon makes much difference.”
Politics of Hope – Dec. 11
Joyce Vance comments on President’s lawyers’ call to investigate DOJ investigators (live interview)
MSNBC Morning Joe – Dec. 12
Joining us now, here is Mountain Brook, former U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama, Joyce Vance. Joyce, great to see you. Joyce, what do you make of that report we just read, that says that the White House wants an additional special counsel to look over the investigators as they investigate? “Yea, it’s absolutely unprecedented, Willie, and it makes no sense at all. I think we’ll see Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, put a stop to that.”
UA offers Behavioral Risk Threat Assessment (BERTHA) Training to K-12 educators
ABC 33/40 (Birmingham) – Dec. 11
There is no cost. This is a program being done with Firestorm and The University of Alabama. It’s for schools – public and private, because it’s important that we do the same thing the same way every time … We have a website set up, The University of Alabama College of Continuing Studies.

Improved Sensors Could Reduce Energy Used for HVAC Systems
JARN – Dec. 11
Engineering researchers at The University of Alabama are part of a nationwide project to find ways of reducing energy used to heat, cool, and ventilate buildings.

Election Day Today In Alabama, Will Roy Moore Win?
KXL Radio (Portland, Oregon) – Dec. 11
What you need to know about Tuesday’s Senate election: … “I have to think the conservative Christians who care about abortion are voting for Roy Moore no matter what,” Richard Fording, a political science professor at the University of Alabama, told over the weekend. But Fording also says that abortion may not be the trump card Moore hopes it is because Alabama Republicans, like Republicans nationwide, tend to support legal abortion in certain cases.
WDEF 12 (Chattanooga, Tennessee) – Dec. 11
After sexual misconduct allegations, Roy Moore runs as stealth candidate
ABC 7 (Washington, D.C.) – Dec. 11
Republican U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore has been a rare sight on the traditional campaign trail in the days ahead of a critical U.S. Senate race. He’s appeared at only a handful of rallies in front of friendly audiences and steadfastly has shunned reporters from the mainstream media … Bill Stewart, the former chairman of the political science department at the University of Alabama, said Moore appears to be banking on his evangelical base, as well as the state’s overwhelming tendency to vote Republican, to carry him to victory on Tuesday.
The Herald (Sharon, Pennsylvania) – Dec. 11

Tree Costume Takes Twitter By Storm
NBC 4 (Tucson, Arizona) – Dec. 11
A University of Alabama student is making good on a Twitter promise. Kelsey Hall posted a picture of herself in a Christmas tree costume, saying she would wear the outfit for the remainder of the semester if she received 1,000 retweets. She quickly received 30,000.
NBC 8 (Tampa, Florida) – Dec. 11 (Wichita, Kansas) – Dec. 11 – Dec. 11

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