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What Is “Insomnia Identity?” Here’s What Happens When Your Lack Of Sleep Becomes How You 
Medical Health – Nov. 22
As anyone with insomnia or other sleep issues can tell you, getting poor or non-existent shuteye is never fun — but it turns out that the issue can be even worse if you have insomnia identity. What is insomnia identity, you ask? In short, it’s the belief that you have insomnia, even if your actual sleep quality is fine — and according to a new paper authored by Kenneth Lichstein at the University of Alabama and published in the journal Behaviour Research and Therapy, it can have an even worse affect on your health than plain old sleeplessness. Lichstein has been studying insomnia identity for some time; in a previous study, for example, he looked at how insomnia identity — which he defines in his current study as as “the conviction that one has insomnia, and this sleep complaint can be measured independently of sleep” — relates to the Big Five personality traits. In the older study, Lichstein found that folks with insomnia identity scored more highly in Neuroticism, but lower on Trait Emotional Intelligence (TEI). “Those who believe they have insomnia may have more neurotic tendencies and perceive their own emotional abilities as less favorable than those who do not endorse this sleep pathology,” the study concluded. – Nov. 22
Danger lurks for holiday drivers
Tuscaloosa News – Nov. 22
Traffic fatalities are down in the state this year, but experts still warn that the Thanksgiving holiday travel period can be dangerous for Alabama drivers. The best day to be on the road is Thanksgiving Day when fewer people are traveling, according to a recent study by the University of Alabama Center for Advanced Public Safety. Data studied showed fatal crashes distributed about equally over the holiday week. The Monday through Wednesday before Thanksgiving has about 25 percent more crashes than would be expected during a non-holiday week. “These are days of high volume with a mix of both commuter traffic and people getting to their holiday destinations,” David Brown, a research associate with CAPS, said in a press release.
Gadsden Times – Nov. 22
Fox 6 (Birmingham) – Nov. 21

Dogs, a donkey and the Alamites were Alabama mascots long before Big Al – Nov. 21
By now, Big Al is part of the fabric of Alabama football. The furry costumed elephant is everywhere the traveling Crimson Tide circus goes. By Saturday, he’ll be into hijinks on the sideline of Jordan-Hare Stadium for the next chapter of this Iron Bowl saga. In the grand scheme of things, however, Big Al’s a relative newcomer. Alabama’s been playing Auburn since 1893 and the official costume didn’t debut until the dawn of the 1980s. The history of Alabama mascots extends well beyond the modern era of Big Al. And it gets a little weird. A deep look through old newspaper clippings, Bryant Museum files and interviews help paint the picture of the seemingly untold history of Alabama’s sometimes obscure and occasionally comical mascots that represented roamed the sidelines.

UA Law Professor says he is ashamed of Roy Moore (Live Interview)
CNN International – Nov. 21
William Brubaker is a law professor at the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA and he says he’s ashamed at Roy Moore and upset so many people are willing to defend him against sexual harassment allegations.

UA donor gives scholarship to student battling brain cancer
WVUA (Tuscaloosa) – Nov. 21
That’s where UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA donor Steve Kane came into the Sullivans lives, donating a full tuition scholarship to Saville, so she could finish her education at the capstone. Kane’s donation was made possible through the West Alabama non-profit, the Fairhope foundation, set up to assist students battling or impacted by cancer. Now in remission, and back at the UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMASaville has this message to all of those who have helped her continue her journey. “There’s no words I just want to say thank you so much. It really means a lot to me and my family after everything we’ve gone through.”

UA Crowdfunding campaign raises money for Million Dollar Band
WSFA-NBC (Montgomery) – Nov. 21
The UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA’s Million Dollar band is turning to crowdfunding to help raise money to buy new instruments. Crowdfunding uses social media to attract donors. All the pledges are done online.

Beat Auburn Beat Hunger collects over 260,000 pounds of food
Crimson White – Nov. 20
Beat Auburn Beat Hunger ended its six-week competition against Auburn University on Nov. 14, winning the competition and collecting 260,453 pounds of food for the West Alabama Food Bank, which was over 100,000 pounds more than last year’s result.  During the six weeks leading up to the Iron Bowl, Beat Auburn Beat Hunger is an annual student-run food-drive competition against Auburn that strives to bring together students, Alabama fans and people in the community as much as possible to help the West Alabama Food Bank and simultaneously raise awareness about hunger, Executive Director Charland said.

Tuscaloosa Youth Orchestra offers free performance this Sunday
Crimson White – Nov. 20
The Moody Music Building will be alive with the sounds of the orchestra this Sunday evening, Nov. 26. The Tuscaloosa Youth Orchestra will be performing for those who want to end Thanksgiving weekend on a musical note. From 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. audiences are invited to come and enjoy the Orchestra’s fall concert for free. The Tuscaloosa Youth Orchestra is a full orchestra of advanced student musicians interested in performing orchestral repertoire and for the community. It is made up of students of all ages, including high school students, middle school students and UA students. There are also a few adult community members in the ranks. The Orchestra is led by a UA School of Music faculty conductor and an assistant graduate student.

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