What to Know About Strive for Five

What is Strive for Five?

Strive for Five is a free, five-week online wellness program designed for faculty and staff. It helps you set health goals and track your progress. It is conducted annually. This year, Strive for Five runs from Sept. 18 to Oct. 20.

How does the program work?

Register by Sept. 17 on the myBAMA wellness portal and select two or more goals. Each day you will track your progress toward reaching those goals. Registration and tracking are all done online. You will receive a weekly email with tips, reminders and encouragement. No muss, no fuss, no meetings and no cost.

What exactly am I striving for? 














Who administers this program?

The Office of Health Promotion and Wellness

What are Strive for Five teams?

Some employees like to participate in teams for the accountability and camaraderie. Teams can be from two to five people, and the team captain’s job is to offer encouragement. Each person on the team registers and tracks progress individually.

What if I don’t have a team?

Strive for Five is designed for you to be able to participate on your own. You register and track your own progress, whether as an individual or team member.

Besides feeling better, what do I get for completing Strive for Five?

Strive for Five qualifies as a WellBAMA Rewards program. Complete a WellBAMA health screening and attend a group information session along with completing Strive for Five, and you earn a monetary award.

What does Strive for Five have to do with Quad in Motion?

Quad in Motion is the kick-off event for Strive for Five. Bring your registration confirmation email to the Office of Health Promotion and Wellness table the day of the event. You will receive an incentive gift and Strive for Five participant guide. You do not have to attend the kick-off event to be part of Strive for Five, but you do need to register online by Sept. 17.

How can I learn more about UA wellness resources?

Subscribe to the OHPW monthly newsletter. It’s free and chock-full of information and resources.

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