UA In the News — Aug. 10

UA unveils Purple Heart parking space
Tuscaloosa News – Aug. 9
In the parking lot of the southwest corner of the Ferguson Center, a new space will be reserved for those wounded in the line of military duty. The University of Alabama unveiled a new parking space for Purple Heart recipients Wednesday during a special ceremony that included university officials and veterans alike. “We need not forget that not just today, but every day, there are individuals who are making sacrifices and making decisions on our behalf,” UA President Stuart Bell said.
Fox 6 (Birmingham) – Aug. 9
NBC 12 (Montgomery) – Aug. 9
NBC 5 (Memphis, Tennessee) – Aug. 9
ABC 10 (Albany, Georgia) – Aug. 9
NBC 13 (Birmingham) – Aug. 9
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See the University of Alabama’s amazing campus transformation after just 10 years – Aug. 9
The University of Alabama recently shared photographer Duane Lamb’s before-and-after pictures to illustrate the physical transformation the campus has undergone during the last decade. Look through these very familiar spots at the Capstone to see for yourself.

UA completes $30 Million worth of construction projects during the summer
WVUA (Tuscaloosa) – Aug. 9
If you live or work around The University of Alabama area, campus construction is certainly a very familiar sound. During the summer, UA finished up $30 Million worth of work, including lots of road work, and renovations to Little Hall, which houses the School of Social Work.
Birmingham mayoral debate, AL Senate race recap
Fox 6 (Birmingham) – Aug. 9
Hopefully, you got a chance to watch the Birmingham Mayoral Debate last night on WBRC.  If not you can watch it right here WBRC. And we talked with Dr. Allen Linken, Political Science Professor at the University of Alabama, and former state representative Paul DeMarco to break down who won and who lost, and also analyze the senate race.

The Represent Rose: Part 4
Slate – Aug. 9
As Rachel Lindsay’s search for love comes to an end, we recap the Bachelorette finale and look back at how the season handled race and representation … On this episode of Represent, Slate producer Veralyn Williams and Robin M. Boylorn, an associate professor at the University of Alabama and member of the Crunk Feminist Collective, recap the final two episodes of The Bachelorette and decide whether the season deserves a rose for representation.

What to know about the special election for Jeff Sessions’ Senate seat
ABC 7 (Chicago, Illinois) – Aug. 9
Next week, Alabama voters will head to the polls for a primary election for the Senate seat previously occupied by Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Seven candidates are running for the Democratic nomination, though it’s the Republican primary that has gained national prominence … According to Richard Fording, a professor of political science at the University of Alabama, this election “will continue to be influenced by Trump and that it will flat out be a referendum on his performance as president.”
ABC News Radio – Aug. 9
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1450 AM (Las Cruces, New Mexico) – Aug. 9
My Central Oregon – Aug. 9
UA Political Science professor discusses North Korea and Alabama Senate race (Live Interview)
WVUA (Tuscaloosa) – Aug. 9
North Korea’s regime and President Trump traded warnings as tensions between the two countries escalated sharply in the last few days. We are joined by Dr. Allen Linken, professor of Political Science at The University of Alabama to discuss the situation between the U.S. and North Korea.

Fruit Flies, Personal Space Under The Microscope
Blackburn News – Aug. 9
Fruit flies are helping researchers at Western University to better understand the human need for personal space, and could have bigger implications for those with autism or schizophrenia … The research team, which includes collaborators from the University of Alabama, will focus their next round of research on how dopamine release is affected by social cues and what happens downstream of the dopaminergic neurons, to identify the circuitry that leads to the decision-making process.
Health Medicine Network – Aug. 9
Health Matters: Back to School
WVUA (Tuscaloosa) – Aug. 9
It’s back to school time. And that means there are going to be kids, whether they are first time in school or going back again, that may not want to go back to school, that may have difficulty separating and going that first day to class. Let’s listen to Dr. Thad Ulzen, a psychiatrist and one of our experts in child psychiatry from the University Medical Center.

Seven Small Things People Use To Decide If They Like You
Kopitiam Bot (South Korea) – Aug. 9
We are so good at judging other people’s personalities based on small things that, in a University of Kansas study, subjects accurately predicted people’s personality traits, such as extroversion/introversion, emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and openness, simply by looking at pictures of the shoes they wore … Your handshake. It’s common for people to associate a weak handshake with a lack of confidence and an overall lackadaisical attitude. A study at the University of Alabama showed that, although it isn’t safe to draw assumptions about someone’s competence based on their handshake, you can accurately identify personality traits.

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