UA In the News — May 12

  • May 12th, 2017

CAPS to study data from Click-It-Or-Ticket Campaign
WKRG-CBS (Mobile) – May 11
Click-It-Or-Ticket is a national campaign designed to save lives by encouraging more people to wear seatbelts. This year’s enforcement campaign will run from May 22 through June 4. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey has awarded more than $58,000in grant money for traffic safety data to be collected and evaluated. The University of Alabama Center for Advanced Public Safety will use the grant money to fund research and evaluation of seatbelt and child-safety-seat use in Alabama.
WHNT-CBS (Huntsville) – May 11

Help select the winner of the 2017 Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction
ABA Journal – May 12
The finalists have been chosen for the seventh annual Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction, and now is your time to weigh in on which book should win. The prize was authorized by the late Harper Lee, and established in 2011 by the University of Alabama School of Law and the ABA Journal to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the publication of To Kill a Mockingbird. It is given annually to a book-length work of fiction that best illuminates the role of lawyers in society and their power to effect change.

Supercomputing mimics berkelium experiments to validate new find – May 12
The Titan supercomputer at the Oak Ridge Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) has enabled scientists to explore an unexpected oxidation state in the rare, radioactive element berkelium that was first observed in experiment. The OLCF is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Science User Facility … To help shed more light on the interesting experimental results, Abergel’s team turned to computational scientist Wibe (Bert) de Jong, Computational Chemistry, Materials and Climate group leader at Berkeley Lab. As part of a large-scale Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on Theory and Experiment project focused on fundamental actinide chemistry led by David Dixon at the University of Alabama, de Jong used the 27-petaflop Titan system at the OLCF to simulate Bk-249 binding to the ligand then generated corresponding spectroscopy data.

UA Students Live By “The Pact”
Fox 6 (Birmingham) – May 11
We found Brian, Trent and Brendan on the campus of The University of Alabama. The freshmen are gearing up for final exams, and a big weekend. They are heading to New Jersey to meet three special people: Drs. Samson Davis, George Jenkins and Rameck Hunt, authors of the best-selling book “The Pact,” which shares their promise to hold each other accountable and stay in school to reach their goals. The young men’s high school AP math teacher at Restoration Academy encouraged them to read the book.

Monsanto PCBs May Leave Orca Pod ‘Doomed to Extinction’
Mintpress News – May 11
The Guardian reported last Tuesday that Lulu, the full-grown whale who died, “was a member of the UK’s last resident pod and a postmortem also showed she had never produced a calf. The pollutants, called PCBs, are known to cause infertility and these latest findings add to strong evidence that the pod is doomed to extinction.” … Though the company maintains it is not responsible for all global production, its share of nearly half the world’s PCBs is still staggeringly large. It also appears the company is leaving out some key details. According to Dr. Ellen Griffith Spears, an associate professor at the University of Alabama, Monsanto knew of the dangers of PCBs long before they discontinued their manufacture. In fact, they increased production between 1966 — when scientists first discovered their dangers — and 1977, when the company finally stopped producing them.

Fit2BTide – The dangers of smoking
90.7 The Capstone – May 11
Sheena and John have a discussion with Student Health Center Health Educator Dr. Delynne Wilcox about common health problems on campus, the dangers of smoking, The University of Alabama non-smoking policy, and the role of a health educator on campus.

Fit2BTide – Water safety
90.7 The Capstone – May 11
Ryan Sanders, Coordinator for Aquatic Services at The University of Alabama, discusses water safety, campus opportunities on how to become safer around the water and the common mistakes people make that put them at a high risk of danger around water.

School teaches students a lesson through Wheelchair Basketball
WZDX-Fox (Huntsville) – May 11
The idea for this scrimmage at Liberty Middle School came from seventh grader Evan Lott. He plays on a wheelchair team, sponsored through the University of Alabama at Huntsville, which recently won a national championship. The principal asked Evan how he would like to celebrate. He figured, why not have his team play against the Liberty Lions … Evan has Spinabifida. He practices several hours a week. He’s working toward a scholarship for wheelchair basketball. I did some research to find one of the wheelchair basketball powerhouses is The University of Alabama.

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