UA “In the News” — July 8

  • July 8th, 2016

Experts discuss social media’s impact on social justice
Fox 6 (Birmingham) – July 7
Videos that surfaced this week of police-involved shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota are showing once again the age of technology that we all live in. “People wouldn’t have known about them,” said Jennifer Skjellum, President of Tech Birmingham. Skjellum believes if it had not been for smart phones and the internet, these events might have unfolded differently … “I do think that citizens should always be aware and be thinking when they see something happen,” said Dr. Chandra Clark, University of Alabama communications professor.
NBC 5 (Memphis, Tenn.) – July 7
CBS 3 (Charlotte, NC) – July 7

Alabama alum, Huntsville native will play lead in smash musical ‘Hamilton’ on Broadway – July 7
When Seth Panitch got a call from Michael Luwoye saying he’d been tapped to play the lead in the biggest Broadway musical in decades, Panitch wasn’t surprised. “On the other hand, I was thrilled for him in the giddiest of ways, as all professors are when the best of things happen to the best of our students,” said Panitch, a theater professor at the University of Alabama who taught Luwoye when he was a student. Theater-loving friends, families and communities across the state are celebrating the news that Luwoye, a 2009 graduate of Lee High School in Huntsville and a 2013 graduate of the University of Alabama, will make his Broadway debut onstage in New York City as the lead role in “Hamilton.” Luwoye was named as the alternate to actor Javier Munoz in the title role in “Hamilton,” a hiphop musical about American founding father Alexander Hamilton. The Broadway show, which has seen sold-out crowds for months, won a near-record 11 Tony Awards this year.

UA professor comments on police departments turning over shooting investigations to federal officials
WHYY (Philadelphia, Penn.) – July 7
Law Professor Stephin Rushin comments on National Public Radio about federal authorities investigating local police departments. The same interview also aired on the following stations:
WBUR (Boston, Mass.) – July 7
WABE (Atlanta, Ga.) – July 7
WCBE (Columbus, Ohio) – July 7
KUER (Salt Lake City, Utah) – July 7
WAMC (Albany, NY) – July 7
WERN (Madison, Wisc.) – July 7
KPLU (Seattle, Wash.) – July 7
WBEZ (Chicago, Ill.) – July 7
KQED (San Francisco, Calif.) – July 7
KJZZ (Phoenix, Ariz.) – July 7

UA’s Adapted Athletic department hosts wheelchair basketball camp
WVUA (Tuscaloosa) – July 7
Young athletes from across the world on the Univeristy of Alabama Campus this weekend.

Researcher finds link between parenting styles and workplace behaviors
Science Daily – July 7
f you’re having problems at work, there’s a chance that your parents might share some of the blame, claims Dr. Peter Harms, a University of Alabama researcher. “It seems cliché, but, once again, we end up blaming mom for everything in life,” said Harms while laughing. “It really is about both parents, but because mothers are typically the primary caregivers of the children, they usually have more influence on their children.”

Phenix City Mayor’s Ball Establishes Scholarship Fund At UA
WTVM (Columbus, Ga.) – July 7
Proceeds from the Phenix City Mayor’s Ball for Education and Charity are being used to set up a scholarship fund at the University of Alabama to befit Phenix City students.
Columbus Ledger- Enquirer – July 8

The SIPS approach to solving the eigenproblem
Argonne Leadership Computing Facility – July 7
Advances in computing power are revolutionizing the field of chemical synthesis, which seeks to create new materials and chemicals. Synthesis is achieved by breaking and forming chemical bonds in a specific sequence, and, depending upon available starting materials and the desired end product, may involve a considerable number of individual reactions … “Our work is really about synthesis and could apply to solution chemistry and materials chemistry,” said Albert F. Wagner, the Argonne Distinguished Fellow who leads the team. Other team members include Argonne postdoctoral researcher Murat Keçeli and physicist Peter Zapol, University of Alabama Robert Ramsay Professor of Chemistry David A. Dixon, and Argonne computational scientists Hong Zhang and Alvaro Vazquez-Mayagoitia.

Brexit and the Future of European Public Relations
PRSSA – July 7
In a world where global and cultural literacy is becoming increasingly important, public relations plays a vital role in various aspects of the international arena. From foreign diplomacy to domestic policy, it takes strategic communication skills to bring countries together and build support on both foreign and familiar soil. (Drew Pendleton is a senior at The University of Alabama majoring in public relations and Spanish. He is currently the editorial director for Platform Online Magazine, the freelance editor for Mosaic Magazine and a media relations strategist for Capstone Agency, the university’s student-run firm.)

When I see black men killed by police, I fear for my father – July 7
My father is a tall man, more than six feet, with broad shoulders and dark brown skin. He is what you fear most, the stooped figure for whom you lock your car doors, clutch your purses and cross to the opposite side of the street. To you he is monstrous, a faceless black brute that does not respond to reason, but rather only to physical (and sometimes lethal) force. (By Amanda Bennett, a graduate student at the University of Alabama)


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