Holiday Survival Guide

The holiday season can be as challenging for some as it is uplifting for others.

UA faculty experts offer advice on how to enjoy the holidays and survive with your waist, sanity and wallet in better shape than last year.

Meditating on Holiday Peace
Manage Your Biggest Holiday Challenge—Stress

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so say the sages of old. The holidays are generally a time when family and friends come together and share special moments and celebrate traditions. For many, however, the holidays can be very stressful and lonely.

Overcome the Family Drama

For many, the holiday season is about family and traditions—eggnog, movies, food, caroling or just reminiscing. One of the traditions that carries from year-to -year might involve past disagreements and sensitive subjects. You can avoid the negativity this season with some helpful advice from Dr. Linda Enders, associate professor of human development and family studies at The University of Alabama.

Keep the Family Together and the Mood Positive

The family schedule is often a busy one, and more so during the holidays. Parents often find themselves shuffling the kids to one room while they have "big-people conversations" about "big-people stuff." If the spirit of the holidays is inspired by togetherness, then it seems a bit counterproductive to divide the family along generational lines.

Holiday Presents
Thrifty Shoppers Approaching Stores ‘Surgically’

Get out the scalpels and sutures. The buzz for this year’s holiday shopping season is “surgical shopping,” a straight forward and precise approach to buying gifts, as opposed to a leisurely few hours of perusing the store offerings.

Make Next Year’s Holiday Season Easier Today

American consumers have a lot of challenges this holiday shopping season. For many, the most important challenge can be spreading holiday cheer and giving gifts without overspending an already tight budget.

Make a Spending Plan, and Follow that Budget

Jan Brakefield, assistant professor of consumer sciences, offers tips to follow during the holiday shopping season.

Selected Holiday Reading

The University of Alabama School of Library and Information Studies prepares graduate students for the practice of librarianship, and librarians are often called upon to recommend books to their patrons as well as to their friends and colleagues. SLIS offers the following list of books for holiday reading.

Make Sure Your Waistline Survives the Festivities

What better way to survive the holidays with your health intact than by following the doctor’s orders? There likely isn’t any. Dr. Sandra Daly, of the family medical clinic at The University of Alabama’s College of Community Health Sciences, has a few orders for keeping a healthy relationship with the holiday table.