The University of Alabama's event calendar is open for submissions from campus organizations as well as faculty and students. Submissions are subject to approval and may be edited for spelling, formatting, and category listing by a moderator before being posted. For help editing events already posted to the calendar, or related concerns, please contact

To submit an event go to Submit Event and fill out the form with your event information.

Once your event has been submitted, please allow for a day of processing before it is approved.

Only University of Alabama events will be accepted. Events listed that have no connection to the University of Alabama will be rejected. Advertisements/promotional periods of any type will be rejected on the grounds that they are not events. Events promoting deadlines or applications ahead of the actual date will be rejected.

Event submissions must include:

  • Your name and email
  • Event title
  • Description
  • Date and time
  • Location
  • At least one category

When submitting an event, you will be asked to select a primary category for your event. Please choose the most appropriate category that your events fits under in order to ensure the best possible organization of information on the calendar. Optionally, you may also suggest an additional general category to aid in cross-promotion of your event. All category selections are subject to approval by a moderator before events are published.

If copying/pasting from Microsoft Word, please use the "Paste from Word" button in the event description toolbar.

Please type events with Caps Lock off. Your event will be edited to contain normal capitalization and lowercase letters if you submit an event when your Caps Lock was on. (Ex: "THIS IS AN EXAMPLE." will become "This is an example.")

If your event has a numerical cost, type it in the following format: $0.00

When submitting a room number, type just the number into the field. For named rooms, please include a comma after the name. (Ex: "Ferguson Ball Room,")

Images submitted to the calendar must be jpeg, gif, or png with a max size of 3MB.

Please review the list of locations in the dropdown to make sure your location isn't already listed before submitting a new location.

New locations should be restricted to the state of Alabama. Any locations out of state will be deleted. If your event is a UA sanctioned event and happens to take place outside of Alabama, there is a location option called "Out of State - Location in Description."

All new location submissions must include a full street address. The University area zip code is 35487.

The UA Events Calendar offers two forms of subscriptions:

If you would like to receive email notifications of events from certain categories, complete the E-mail Newsletter form. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time.