EXHIBIT: "A Life With Dolls: The Dolls of Susan Hodgson"

Date: Thursday, December 07, 2017
Time: 09:00 AM - 04:30 PM
Location: Gorgas House Museum
Cost: $2.00 Free for Faculty/Staff, Students, and Members of

Categories: Arts, UA Museums

Susan Hodgson began collecting dolls in 1949 at the age of seven while living in Austria. Since then she has grown her collection during her trips abroad and raising her family as well as gifts from friends who knew of her hobby. The dolls represent her life as a military wife and twenty-three household moves as she traveled with her husband during his NATO service.

Dolls are much more than temporary playthings. Dolls help children practice adult roles and offer comfort in times of stress. Dolls also reflect the societies from which they are produced allowing viewers to catch a glimpse of a different culture.

Exhibit Curated by Dr. Virginia Wimberley and in conjunction with the College of Human and Environmental Science. View this exhibit at The Gorgas House Museum from November 20th – January 12th included in the price of regular admission ($2.00). Free for University of Alabama students, Faculty/Staff, and members of the Alumni Association.

For more information including parking information, please call (205) 348-5906.

Contact Info: Lydia Joffray, lydia.joffray@ua.edu, 205-348-5906, Website

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