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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog
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Office: 104 Manly Hall

WS 200 Introduction to Women’s Studies. 3 hours.

An interdisciplinary course examining the roles of women in patriarchal society, with emphasis on how factors such as race, class, gender, and sexuality contribute to the oppression of women and ways they can be challenged through feminist critical practices.

WS 205 Women’s Autobiographies. 3 hours.

Through an examination of women’s autobiographical writings, the roles women have assumed in different cultures and periods are considered. Analytical techniques from the study of art, literature, and psychology are used to discover issues inherent in women’s experiences.

WS 220 Mothers and Daughters. 3 hours.
Prerequisite: WS 200 or permission of the instructor.

Investigation of the institution of motherhood, the forces shaping it, and the significance of mother-daughter relationships.

WS 234 Women and Religion. 3 hours.

The role and place of women in several religious traditions, ancient and modern.

WS 240 The Culture of Southern Black Women. 3 hours.

The history and culture of black women in the South are examined through essays, creative writing, film, music, first-person narrative, and field research.

WS 300 Women in the Visual Arts. 3 hours.

Women’s creative expression in fine art and domestic arts and crafts is examined from historical and contemporary perspectives; slide lectures offer examples of women’s art work. Consideration is also given to professional and social roles of women artists.

WS 310 Special Topics. 3 hours.
Examination of selected issues in women’s studies.

Changing topics: for example, women and work, women in the world, social inequality.

WS 330 Gender and Social Activism. 3 hours.

Examination of the social, political, and legal movements in the United States and their influences on the status of women in society. The intersection of race, ethnicity, gender, class, and sexuality is explored as a mechanism to address the struggles, experiences, and successes of women. The relationship between theory and practice is realized through gender-based action projects.

WS 340 Women and Law. 3 hours.

This seminar’s major focus is the impact of law on the status and lives of women.

WS 352 Social Inequality (same as AAST 352 and SOC 352). 3 hours.

Analysis of inequities of wealth, power, and prestige; major theories of racial and cultural minorities; behavioral correlates of stratification; social mobility.

WS 410 Essential Readings and Writings in Women’s Studies. 3 hours.
Prerequisite: WS 200 or permission of the instructor.

Essential readings and writings for female equality. Assignments focus on the publications and activities of feminist pioneers from the Enlightenment through the suffragist/abolitionist movement and contemporary period.

WS 430 Women in Contemporary Society/Feminist Theory. 3 hours.
Prerequisite: WS 200 or permission of the instructor.

Considers major economic, sociological, psychological, and philosophical approaches to the study of women. Emphasis is on the formulation of theories.

WS 440 Seminar in Women’s Studies. 3 hours.
Prerequisite: WS 200 or permission of the instructor.

Courses under this rubric are designed to meet a specific need and supplement regular offerings.

WS 450:451 Independent Study in Women’s Studies. 1 to 6 hours.
Prerequisites: Permission of the director and arrangement in advance of the semester in which enrollment is planned.

Independent study on any subject pertaining to women, under the supervision of a professor in the chosen field and/or the program director.

WS 470 Gender, Race, and Class. 3 hours.
Prerequisite: WS 200 or permission of the instructor.

A cross-cultural approach to the study of gender, race, and class discrimination. Focuses on the mutually reinforcing forces of oppression.

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