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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog
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Office: 432-C Farrah Hall

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology. 3 hours.

Introduction to the scientific study of human social behavior.

SOC 202 Analysis of Social Problems. 3 hours.

Study of contemporary social problems, including definition, description, and analysis. Emphasis is on social change perspectives and cultural complexity.

SOC 205 Social Psychology. 3 hours.

Not open to students who have earned credit in PY 372. Study of the interrelationships between the individual and the group. Includes perception, cognition, attribution, attitudes, helping behavior, aggression, personal relationships, prejudice, and gender in social life. Also includes aspects of applied social psychology.

SOC 210 Juvenile Delinquency. 3 hours.

Extent and patterns of delinquency; its development in individuals and gangs; group therapy with delinquents; and juvenile courts, training schools, probation, and aftercare supervision.

Unless otherwise specified, SOC 101 is a prerequisite for all 300- and 400-level sociology courses.

SOC 300 Research Methods. 3 hours.

Theoretical and specific instruction in both the conduct and application of research methods in criminal justice settings. Includes problems of research and policy dimensions of both direct and applied approaches.

SOC 301 Social Statistics (same as CJ 381). 3 hours.
Prerequisite: MATH 110 or MATH 112. Elementary statistical techniques applied to sociological data; tables and graphs, central tendency and dispersion, probability and sampling, tests of significance, and measures of association.

SOC 302 Sociological Theory. 3 hours.

The course will provide a review of the major systems of thought about society. Special emphasis is given to historical context and philosophical background as they relate to the development of sociological theories. Students will be introduced to view points and idea about how society functions, the role of conflict in society and the forces of social change.

SOC 315 Race and Ethnic Relations. 3 hours.

Analysis of American social structure, race and ethnic relations, and demographic and institutional trends; studies of racial and ethnic issues.

SOC 350 Criminology. 3 hours.

Theories of criminality, types of delinquent and criminal behavior, crime causation, crime control by police, and the criminal courts.

SOC 352 Social Inequality (same as AAST 352 and WS 352). 3 hours.

Analysis of inequities of wealth, power, and prestige; major theories of racial and cultural minorities; behavioral correlates of stratification; social mobility.

SOC 360 Sociology of HIV/AIDS. 3 hours.

Study of the social dimensions of HIV/AIDS. Discussions cover how HIV/AIDS is socially constructed in terms of gender, sexualities, race/ethnicity, and social class.

SOC 390 Special Topics in Sociology. 3 hours.

The course may be taken a total of four times, with different topics. Social behavior; science, technology, and society; Latin American life; small-group dynamics; environmental sociology; medical sociology.

SOC 404 Health and Crime (same as CJ 404). 3 hours.

The health consequences of social deviance and the impact of criminalization for individual and societal wellbeing. Seminar discussions cover the criminalization of mental and physical illness and illnesses arising from criminal behavior and incarceration.

SOC 405 Gender and Society. 3 hours.

A sociological approach to the study of women and men, focusing on the social construction of gender in institutions and in every life, feminist theories and theories of masculinity, gender inequality, and social change.

SOC 444 Environmental Sociology (same as GY 453). 3 hours.

Sociological analysis of environmental issues including the background of environmental issues, population, planning, limits to growth, food and energy resources, and social impacts of environmental alterations.

SOC 450 Sociology of Law (same as CJ 483). 3 hours.

Study of social origin and consequences of law and legal process; analysis of social factors that determine legal outcomes.

SOC 460 Body Politics. 3 hours.

Study of how human bodies are politicized in modern society. Discussions cover how the human body is politically constructed according to gender, race/ethnicity, occupation, and social class.

SOC 470 Social Movements. 3 hours.

Exploration of the mobilization of social movements in specific periods of time in terms of the socioeconomic and political conditions.

SOC 490 Seminar in Sociology. 3 hours.

The course may be taken a total of four times, with different topics. Social behavior; science, technology, and society; advanced deviant behavior; juvenile delinquent behavior; Latin American life; small-group dynamics; environmental sociology; medical sociology.

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