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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog
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Professor Miguel Mantero, Department Head
Office: 201 Graves Hall

Students must check program guidelines for their majors before registering for any CRD course marked with an asterisk (*), because admission to the teacher education program may be a prerequisite for such courses.

Enrollment in specific courses in the College of Education may be restricted to students who clearly demonstrate the greatest potential for success as teachers. Factors such as general studies courses completed, GPA, scores on state and program tests, interviews, etc., may be considered.

*CRD 350 Survey of Reading Instruction. 3 hours.

Introductory course designed to develop the skills, understanding, and decision-making abilities associated with effectively guiding reading activities in grades P–12. The course is intended for students majoring in programs leading to P–12 certification.

*CRD 369 Fundamentals of Reading Instruction. 3 hours.
Corequisites: CEE 320, BEP 305, BEF 362, MUE 385, and SPE 300.

Introduction to literacy development, instruction, and assessment for elementary school children. Foundational concepts of literacy instruction and best-practice are covered. A field component is required.

CRD 400 Teaching Reading to Diverse Learners K–12. 3 hours.
Prerequisites: CRD 369; open to special education majors only.

A foundation in the materials and methods for teaching of reading and language arts K–12, with emphasis on intervention programs, assessment, and instruction for individual and small groups of students. Intensive field experience is required.

*CRD 412 Improving Reading in Secondary Schools. 3 hours.
Prerequisite: Admission to the teacher education program, CSE 489, BER 450, and appropriate methods course.

Study of methods and strategies for teaching reading at the secondary and junior-college levels. Methods of teaching word attack and comprehension skills are emphasized. Diagnostic techniques, study skills, and teaching reading in the content areas are also covered.

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