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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog
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University of Alabama course numbers should be interpreted as follows:

Course NumberType of Course
001–099remedial courses (noncredit)
100–199courses primarily for freshmen
200–299courses primarily for sophomores
300–399courses primarily for juniors
400–499courses primarily for seniors
500–599Graduate I level courses (master’s)
600–699Graduate II level courses (beyond master’s)

Most courses listed are offered during the fall and/or spring semesters. Some are offered in the summer term as well. Courses offered only during the summer term are so indicated. Schedule of classes booklets published before the beginning of each semester provide the most current information about courses, and students should be sure to consult them.

Review of courses for University Core Curriculum designations is an ongoing process. New courses may be approved and added to the list of courses that satisfy core curriculum requirements; courses may also be removed from this list. A course may be used to satisfy core curriculum requirements only if the course carries a core curriculum designation at the time it is taken. The student should consult the core curriculum supplement in the schedule of classes booklet to see if a core curriculum designation is in effect during a particular semester.

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