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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog
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Kinesiology (P–12)

Professor Matthew Curtner-Smith
Office: 106 Moore Hall
Department Head

In addition to the major in physical education leading to Alabama teacher certification, there is another major possible in kinesiology, exercise and sport science. See “Other Undergraduate Programs Offered.”

Physical Education (P–12) (KIN)

This program requires the completion of hours as specified and leads to the bachelor of science in education degree and the Alabama Class B (P–12) Professional Certificate. Students who have completed all 100- and 200-level requirements, have a UA GPA—and, if transfer work, an overall GPA—of at least 2.5, and have completed BSC 215 or BSC 216 (human anatomy and physiology), may apply to the physical education teacher education (PETE) methods cohort fall semester of the junior year. Additionally, students must have a passing score on all three areas (reading, writing, math) on the basic skills assessment of the Alabama Prospective Teacher Testing Program (APTTP). Admission to the PETE methods cohort is competitive. Meeting minimum requirements does not guarantee admission. Rather, students who meet stated criteria are guaranteed consideration for admission to the teacher education program. An individual may request from his or her advisor information concerning summative data on the most recent previous admissions.

All students must begin the PETE methods cohort in the fall semester. Admission to the PETE methods cohort enables students to take the following courses:

First PETE fall term: KIN 305, KIN 350, KIN 351, KIN 362, KIN 364
First PETE spring term: KIN 300, KIN 306, KIN 307, KIN 310, KIN 360, KIN 361
Second PETE fall term: KIN 311, KIN 365, KIN 366, KIN 468, KIN 487, KIN 492
Second PETE spring term: KIN 497

Students will apply to TEP while they are enrolled in KIN 350, fall term. They must meet TEP admission requirements, have 2.5 GPAs (UA and overall) in areas I–V and all coursework, and have completed an application. Applications for TEP are available in 104 Carmichael Hall or 102 Moore Hall.

The undergraduate catalog is published at two-year intervals. Program advising sheets are updated much more frequently and are thus likely to provide the most up-to-date information on degree and other requirements. Students should always obtain the most recent advising sheets, available from academic advisors and in 104 Carmichael Hall. Further information on recommended course sequences should also be obtained from 102 Moore Hall.

Course Hours
General Studies 60
Courses that are common to the teaching field and the general studies component may be applied to both. See general studies requirements, listed earlier. The following exceptions apply:
  • Area II: Courses should be selected to meet teaching field or prerequisite requirements.
  • Area III: BSC 109 or BSC 114/115 should be selected to meet prerequisite requirements.
  • Area IV: Courses should be selected to meet teaching field or prerequisite requirements.
  • Area V: In addition to those courses listed in General Requirements,
    BSC 215 or BSC 216, and HAT 272 should be selected from remaining hours.
Physical Education Teaching Field 43
The University of Alabama GPA—and, if transfer work, the overall GPA—must be at least 2.5 in these courses.
KIN 199 Ecological Approach to Health and Fitness 3
KIN 300 Introduction to Kinesiology 3
KIN 305 Analysis & Teaching of Movement III and IV:
Gymnastics and Dance
KIN 306 Analysis & Teaching of Movement I:
Invasion/Striking and Fielding/Target Games
KIN 307 Analysis & Teaching of Movement II:
Track and Field, and Net/Wall Games
KIN 310 Analysis & Teaching of Movement V: Swimming 2
KIN 311 Analysis & Teaching of Health-Related Fitness 1
KIN 351* Secondary Clinical Experience 3
*KIN 351 must be taken concurrently with KIN 350
KIN 360** The Subject Matter of Elementary Physical Education
KIN 361** Elementary Physical Education Curriculum, Philosophy, and
Theory* (W)
**KIN 360 must be taken concurrently with KIN 361
KIN 362 Motor Development
KIN 365 Applied Biomechanics 3
KIN 464 Administration of Physical Education and Sport 3
KIN 468 Adapted Physical Education (W) 3
KIN 487 Physical Education Teaching Methods and Practice
(requires admission to TEP)
KIN 492 Physiology of Exercise 3
Professional Studies 27
Students must earn grades of “C” or higher in each of the following professional studies courses. No more than five professional studies courses may be taken prior to admission to TEP. (See advisor for appropriate course sequence.) The University of Alabama GPA—and, if transfer work, the overall GPA—must be at least 2.5 in these courses.
BEF 362 School, Culture, and Society 3
BEP 305 Educational Psychology 3
KIN 366 Evaluation and Measurement 3
KIN 350* Secondary Curriculum 3
*KIN 350 must be taken concurrently with KIN 351
KIN 497 Internship in Physical Education (P–12)
SPE 300 Survey of Special Education and Accommodation Strategies 3

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