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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog
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Art (studio) Major (BFA)

Department of Art and Art History, 103 Garland Hall

Degree requirements. The bachelor of fine arts (BFA) degree with a major in studio art is a professional degree, serving as the foundation for graduate study in studio art. Students pursuing the BFA must complete all University, college (see pp. 52-53), and departmental degree requirements. These include the general education requirements, the following major requirements, and sufficient other credits to total a minimum of 128 applicable semester hours.

Admission into the major. Students expecting to complete the requirements for the BFA in studio art in four years must begin the program as first-semester freshmen, but full admission to the BFA program is granted after the BFA review. The BFA review must be conducted during or after the completion of 18 semester hours of studio art courses, preferably during the second term of the sophomore year. If the student does not gain admission into the program after the first attempt, a second BFA review can be conducted before the completion of 30 studio hours. If the student is not accepted into the BFA program after the second BFA review, he or she will not be allowed to pursue the BFA degree. The student is responsible for keeping track of hours completed and applying at the appropriate time. Students are expected to declare a major formally no later than the fourth semester of full-time enrollment (or at 61 semester hours for transfer students). With the assistance of an advisor in the major department, students should complete the “Declaration of Major” form.

Grade point average. A 2.0 grade point average in the major is required for completion of the degree. The major GPA is calculated based on all courses applicable to the major that the student has attempted at UA.

Major courses. The major in studio art culminating in the BFA degree requires successful completion of the following 81 semester hours:

ART 110 3
ART 130 3
ART 131 3
ART 210 3
ART 302, ART 310, or ART 311 6
ART 212, ART 216, ART 218, ART 220, ART 222, or ART 224* 12
ART primary concentration* 300 or 400 level 12
ART secondary concentration* 300 or 400 level 9
ARH 252, ARH 253, or ARH 254 6
ARH 380, ARH 381, ARH 383, ARH 385, ARH 400, or ARH 481 6
ARH electives 6
ART and ARH electives 12
Total 81
*Students should select studio courses to total 12 hours in a single studio media area chosen from ceramics, digital media, painting, photography, printmaking, and sculpture and another 9 hours in a second studio media area. For instance, a student could have 12 hours of painting and 9 hours of sculpture.

Upper-level residency. A minimum of 12 hours of 300- and 400-level courses in the major must be earned on this campus.

Ancillary courses. This major does not require ancillary courses.

Required minor. The BFA does not require completion of a minor.

Additional major requirements. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have met all University, college, major, and minor requirements. However, each student must meet with an advisor in the major department for academic planning and to be cleared for registration each semester. College advisors are also available for additional assistance with minor, college, and University requirements.

Special opportunities. The Department of Art and Art History sponsors two student organizations. The Art Student’s League presides over a centrally located gallery that primarily features changing exhibitions of student work. The Crimson Ceramics Society is another organization that allows students opportunities to present ceramics projects in the community and across the state. Declared majors in art and art history can compete for merit-based departmental scholarships, which are awarded annually to returning students. Graduating senior BFA majors present their most mature artwork in the BFA show, which is produced annually. Members of the faculty actively assist students with internship and project placement in design agencies, exhibition venues, public community projects, and area museums.

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