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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog
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The University of Alabama recognizes that its resources can help individuals meet the challenges of their changing lives. Through the College of Continuing Studies, the University extends academic resources throughout Alabama, the Southeast, and beyond. The College is committed to delivering educational opportunities through online degree programs, evening and weekend programs, distance programs, the Gadsden Center, professional development courses, and a wide variety of professional workshops, seminars, and institutes.


More than ever, students are choosing distance education to pursue their college degrees. The Division of Academic Outreach strives to facilitate distance degree programs to adult learners who are limited by time, geography, work schedules, or personal obligations. Students may choose from formats that will fit their schedules and learning styles such as online, interactive video conferencing, evening and weekend classes, or DVD correspondence.

For more information on these programs, write to The University of Alabama, College of Continuing Studies, Division of Academic Outreach, Box 870388, Tuscaloosa, AL 35487-0388. You may also call (205) 348-0089 or toll free 1-800-467-0227, or e-mail Visit our Web site (

Online Courses

Academic Outreach delivers high school and college courses over the Internet directly to the studentís computer. Students are instructed through a secured Internet site, and they interact with their professors and complete lessons. Online courses accommodate the educational needs of individuals who have access to and experience with a computer and the Internet.

External Degree (EXD) Program

The External Degree Program is an interdisciplinary undergraduate distance learning program for adults whose educational needs cannot be met through traditional residential programs. Previously earned academic credits transferred from regionally accredited colleges or earned through national tests such as the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), independent studies, out-of-class learning contracts, correspondence studies, classroom work, and demonstrated prior learning may be applied toward a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree in interdisciplinary studies.

The EXD program is intended to serve adult students whose opportunities to use currently available educational resources may be limited. Applicants must have high school diplomas or minimum General Education Development (GED) equivalency scores of 50, be 25 years of age or older, and have educational goals attainable through the program. Applicants need not be Alabama residents. This degree is awarded through the College of Arts and Sciences.

For more information or to obtain a catalog and application, please call 1-800-452-5971 or visit the Web site (

For specific EXD Program curriculum requirements, please refer to the College of Arts and Sciences New College section in this catalog.


Academic Outreach delivers undergraduate and graduate courses via online video streaming to students who cannot attend classes on campus. Lectures are recorded as they occur and streamed via the internet the same day. Students who do not have high speed internet access are given the option to receive DVD recordings of the lectures. Students complete the same course requirements as on-campus students and take proctored exams at convenient sites. Video courses are offered in Engineering and Human Environmental Sciences.

IITS (videoconferencing)

The Intercampus Interactive Telecommunication System (IITS) is a network of conference rooms connected to a statewide videoconferencing network. Approximately 30 sites throughout Alabama are equipped with cameras, monitors, and other devices that allow teachers and students to interact as if they were in the same room. Presenters use traditional visuals, such as PowerPoint presentations, overheads, and videotape/DVD as well as digital options unique to IITS.

Weekend College

Designed to meet the needs of both part-time and full-time students, Weekend College offers a number of courses in the fall, spring, and summer on Friday evenings and Saturday mornings and afternoons. Scheduling weekend classes is especially convenient for part-time students who would like to pursue academic studies while working.

Gadsden Education and Research Center

Established in 1946, The University of Alabamaís Gadsden Education and Research Center is an off-campus program serving residents of northeast Alabama. The center offers graduate coursework for credit, noncredit programs for professional development, and test services as well as serves as a liaison to the Universityís main campus.

Currently the center offers more than 25 complete graduate degree or certification programs in education, including masterís degree, educational specialists degrees, and class A and class AA certification programs. Graduate level courses in library studies are also available in Gadsden. For more information, please call (256) 456-2886 or 1-888-223-4131 or visit our Web site (

Evening Program

The Evening Program offers classes at times convenient for working adults. Students unable to continue their education in the traditional format (day classes) may complete degrees in business, geography, and criminal justice through this program. Many other courses from the College of Arts and Sciences, the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration, the College of Communication and Information Sciences, the College of Human Environmental Sciences, and the School of Social Work are offered after 5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

Independent Study

Through Independent Study, high school and college students may select their hours of study and work at their own pace to complete courses through written correspondence. These courses provide students the flexibility they need to attain professional, academic, and personal goals.

With certain stipulations, the undergraduate courses may be used to complete a maximum of 25 percent of the work leading to the bachelorís degree. Nine of the last 18 hours required for a degree may be taken by written correspondence, provided that all residence requirements have been met.

Adult Student Services

The Division of Academic Outreach provides a University-wide point of entry for adult students returning to campus or entering the University for the first time. The division provides the services listed below to meet the particular needs of adult students. Through Academic Outreach students can

For more information, call Academic Outreach Student Services at 1-800-467-0227 or (205) 348-0089 or visit our Web site at

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