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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog
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Transferability and applicability of college credits. Transferability refers to the conditions under which the University accepts credits from other postsecondary institutions for inclusion in the student’s record. Applicability of credit toward a degree refers to the prerogative of the academic divisions to count specific credit toward the fulfillment of a student’s degree requirements.

Applicability of credit toward the degree. Transfer credit will be applied as appropriate to a student’s degree program. The authority to apply transferred credit toward degree requirements rests with the academic division of the student’s intended major.

If a student chooses to transfer to another academic division within the University, credit previously earned at another postsecondary institution will be reevaluated and applied as appropriate to the student’s new degree program. Transfer students will have no more transfer credit applied to the degree than they would have been permitted to earn in the division of the University into which they are admitted.

A minimum of 50 percent of the coursework required to earn a bachelor’s degree at the University of Alabama must be earned at a bachelor’s degree granting institution (four-year college or university), and a minimum of 25 percent of the coursework required for the degree must be earned at the University of Alabama. Students must consult the Dean’s Office of the college granting the degree for the specific number of hours required for that degree. NOTE: A few exceptions to this 50 percent rule are in place, such as in the College of Nursing under the STARS agreement with all Deans of Nursing programs in the State of Alabama.

Transfer students who earn a grade of “D” on transferable courses may apply these courses to their degree requirements. All transferable coursework will be included in the student’s grade point average, but only transfer courses with a grade of “D” or higher will be allowed to meet subject requirements and degree requirements.

Any transferable course with a grade of “D” or higher is acceptable at The University of Alabama with the exception of English composition and introductory math courses. Specific math courses where a “D” grade in transfer will NOT be accepted are as follows: MATH 100, MATH 110, MATH 112, MATH 113 and MATH 115.

The policies and procedures of UA’s academic divisions for determining grade point average and applying transferred credit are discussed in each division’s section of this catalog.

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