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2008-2010 Undergraduate Catalog
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Professor S. Allen Wilcoxon, Program Coordinator
Office: 315 Graves Hall

BCE 101 Freshman Seminar. 2 hours.

This course for first-year UA students provides an introduction to the nature of higher education and to the function, resources, and activities of The University of Alabama. This course is designed to help students make the transition to a large comprehensive research university, develop a better understanding of the learning process, and acquire basic academic survival skills. The ultimate goal of the course is to equip each student with the confidence and basic skills necessary for degree attainment.

BCE 210 Group Skills for Student Leaders. 1 hour.
Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

The course examines individual and group communication skills, leadership styles and theories, and group dynamics for leaders of student organizations.

BCE 300 Spring Break—Alternatives in Education of Service Learning. 3 hours.
Prerequisite: Permission of the instructor.

An academic service learning course focusing on critical thinking and problem solving, community responsibility, and multicultural awareness via direct service and classroom instruction. Offered only spring semester.

BCE 301 Introduction to Counseling. 3 hours.

A survey course featuring a comprehensive examination of the history, functions, and related issues for the practice of counseling in school, agency, and rehabilitation settings.

BCE 411 Guidance for Teachers. 3 hours.
Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing.

The sociological, psychological, and philosophical bases for guidance in schools are presented. The course is offered only through the Office of Independent Study in the College of Continuing Studies, and is appropriate for both elementary and secondary teachers. Students majoring in guidance may not receive credit for this course.

BCE 417 Introduction to Guidance in the Elementary School. 3 hours.

An overview of counseling and guidance within the elementary school.

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