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2008-2010 Undergraduate Catalog
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Students are required to complete a minimum of 120 hours for the degree. Of these, 48 hours must be in social work courses. Required courses are listed in the “Program Requirements” section that follows.

Hours of study for the minor in social welfare. Students in other divisions of the University may earn minors in social welfare by completing 18 hours of social work courses. Course requirements are listed under the “Minor in Social Welfare” section.

Independent study by correspondence. Independent study courses may be taken by correspondence through the Division of Independent Study of the University of Alabama College of Continuing Studies. It is preferred that the student take the regular classroom course if it is offered at a time during which he or she can attend. A student wishing to take a course by correspondence should talk with his or her advisor and obtain permission to pursue this plan. If approval is granted, the student then must complete the appropriate form in the College of Continuing Studies office.

Social work (SW) courses are not offered through independent study by correspondence.

Independent study. Independent study is usually arranged in order for the student to pursue a special area of interest in social work or social welfare that is not covered in courses regularly offered. To arrange an independent study course, the student should obtain permission from his or her advisor, work out the goals and objectives of the course with the supervising instructor, and secure a recommendation from the program chair and approval from the associate dean’s office. Independent study must be approved no later than the last day of class of the semester preceding the semester of the course. Such courses may be dropped according to University policy.

Course substitution. Occasionally, a student may wish to substitute another course for a required course. All such requests should first be presented to the student’s advisor, who will weigh the merits of course substitution and determine if the content of the proposed course is appropriate as a substitute. Decisions on course substitutions are made by the program chairperson.

Concurrent enrollment. A student who wishes to take courses at another college or university during a summer or regular semester should, after talking with his or her advisor, check with the School of Social Work registrar’s office to determine whether the courses will transfer to the School of Social Work. Prior approval must be received in order for transfer credit to be accepted toward degree requirements.

Second bachelor’s degree. A student with a bachelor’s degree in a major other than social work may take courses leading to a bachelor’s degree in social work as a second degree. To qualify to enroll in social work courses as a major, the student is expected to meet all requirements for admission (i.e., 2.25 overall GPA and 2.5 GPA in social work courses, a completed application for admission, and a passing score on the writing examination). The student is also expected to complete, in residence and with the required overall and social work GPAs, the specified social work courses for the BSW degree. The student is also expected to take other courses common to social work majors, such as 4 hours of biological sciences. Students interested in a second degree should also refer to the University’s requirements listed under the “Second Baccalaureate Degree” section of this catalog found at “Student Records and General Academic Policies.”

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