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2008-2010 Undergraduate Catalog
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Academic Advising

The academic advisor in the Office of Nursing Student Services assists students regarding academic matters. Students may make an appointment to meet with the academic advisor for academic matters at any time during the semester. Academic matters include course sequencing, withdrawals, dropping and adding courses, academic progression, and registration and academic problems. Faculty mentors are available to advise and mentor students regarding career goals and questions about the nursing field. Students may request a faculty mentor by submitting the faculty mentor request form to the ONSS.

Preregistration advising:

  1. Lower Division
    (1) Students must attend a preregistration advising session each semester to be cleared to register unless they have been cleared by the academic advisor during that semester. A student who does not complete a designated advisement session during the scheduled period will be required to register during late registration and pay the associated fee.

    (2) Information about advising and registration is provided on the Web at

  2. Upper Division
    (1) Upper Division students participate in a preregistration group advising session facilitated by undergraduate faculty during the designated preregistration advising period in the fall and spring semesters.

    (2) CCN provides specific information to upper-division students about clinical schedules.

    (3) There is no late registration for clinical nursing courses. If extenuating circumstances have made regular registration for clinical courses impossible, approval for late registration in these courses may be requested from the director of undergraduate programs.

Transfer Credit

Transfer credit is accepted if the course content is deemed equivalent to that required in the curriculum of the College. Evaluation is based on course content, the grade earned, and credit earned.

Successful completion of examinations available through the University Testing Services may satisfy certain general education requirements. See the “Credit for Examination Performance and Experience” section of this catalog.

Credit Courses Taken in the College of Continuing Studies (Correspondence or Independent Study Courses)

Selected general education courses required for the degree of bachelor of science in nursing may be taken from the independent study program of the College of Continuing Studies with prior approval of the student’s Capstone College of Nursing academic advisor. (See the section on the College of Continuing Studies for details of the independent study program.)

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