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2008-2010 Undergraduate Catalog
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The College of Education offers one undergraduate program leading to the bachelor of science in education degree that is not for the preparation of teachers. This program requires the completion of a minimum of 120 semester hours in prescribed and elective courses, as set forth in this catalog, and the achievement of the College’s minimum standards of scholarship.


Associate Professor Mark Richardson
Office: 208 Moore Hall

Associate Professor Matthew Green
Office: 200 Moore Hall

This program offered by the Department of Kinesiology requires the completion of 120 semester hours as specified below and leads to the bachelor of science in education degree. The program does not lead to professional certification as a teacher. A prospective exercise and sport science student must (a) complete 45 hours of applicable courses toward the degree, and (b) have at least a 2.0 GPA before taking upper-division (300-level or above) courses in the program of study.

General Studies 50
See general studies requirements listed earlier in this section. The following exceptions apply:
Area II: Student may substitute a different Area II course for the public-speaking requirement.
Area III: BSC 109 should be taken to meet prerequisite requirements. For students selecting the preprofessional concentration, BSC 114 and BSC 115 should be taken instead of BSC 109. Students selecting the preprofessional concentration should complete MATH 112 to meet prerequisite requirements.
Area IV: Students selecting the business concentration are encouraged to complete EC 110 in meeting University core requirements. Students selecting the preprofessional concentration should complete PY 101 to meet prerequisite requirements.
Kinesiological core34
All students in the major must complete the kinesiological core.
BSC 215 Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BSC 216 Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
HAT 272 First Aid, Safety, and CPR2
HPE 199 Ecological Approach to Health and Fitness 3
HPE 300 Foundations of Human Performance3
HPE 362 Motor Development3
HPE 365 Applied Biomechanics3
HPE 366 Evaluation and Measurement3
HPE 464 Administration of Physical Education and Sport3
HPE 468 Adapted Physical Education (W)3
HPE 492 Physiology of Exercise3
Kinesiological concentrations36–43
Students in the major must select three of the following concentrations for in-depth study or the pre-professional concentration plus one additional concentration. This should be discussed with an advisor in the Department of Kinesiology.
Fitness concentration15
HPE 387 Field Experience in Kinesiology3
HPE 493 Fitness Appraisal and Exercise Prescription3
HPE 488 Internship in Exercise and Sport Science9–12
Nutrition concentration12
NHM 101 Introduction to Human Nutrition3
NHM 210 Dynamics of Weight Control3
NHM 315 Nutrition for Performance3
NHM 401 Nutrition for Health Professionals3
Business concentration12–13
Select 12–13 hours from the following courses:
AC 210 Introduction to Accounting4
APR 231 Introduction to Public Relations 3
EC 110 Principals of Microeconomics3
LGS 200 Legal Environment of Business3
HES 460 Sports Management3
Coaching/Sport Skill concentration12
Select 12 hours from the following courses while noting the following rules: Students opting for this concentration may take up to three 3-hour coaching theory (HCA) courses at the 300 level or above. Students may also take a maximum of six different 1-hour leisure activity (HPL) courses to partially fulfill this concentration.
HCA courses (300 level or greater)0–9
HPL courses0–6
HPE 306 Analysis and Teaching of Movement I:
    Invasion/Striking and Fielding/Target Games3
HAT 257 Introduction to Athletic Training3
Pre-professional concentration*28
CH 101 General Chemistry I4
CH 102 General Chemistry II4
PH 101 General Physics I4
PH 102 General Physics II4
MATH 113 Precalculus Trigonometry3
PY 211 Elementary Statistical Methods3
PY electives6
Disability sports concentration15
HPE 387 Field Experience in Kinesiology3
SPE 300 Survey of Special Education and
    Accommodation Strategies3
HPE 488 Internship in Exercise and Sport Science6
HPE 496 Independent Study in Physical Education3
Electives as needed to complete 120 semester hours, in addition to all University core and exercise and sport science program courses.
*Students selecting the pre-professional concentration in preparation for advanced professional training (e.g. physical therapy school, medical school, occupational therapy school) may work with an exercise and sport science advisor in choosing alternate courses required for admission into specific programs. Substitutions must be advisor approved.

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