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2008-2010 Undergraduate Catalog



BRYANT, JENNINGS, PhD, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies.

TRAN, PAMELA D., PhD., Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Student Services.

COOPER, CARYL A, PhD, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies.

LABRESH, BONNIE E., Director of Development.

DANNER, MELANIE, MA, Director of Financial Affairs.

OAKLEY, JIM, Placement and Intern Director.



First date refers to original appointment to the University. Second date, if any, refers to date of appointment to title listed.

Advertising and Public Relations

BAKER, MOLLIE J., BFA (Mississippi University for Women), MA (Alabama). Instructor, 2008.

BERGER, BRUCE K., BA (Central Michigan), MA (Western Michigan), PhD (Kentucky). Professor and Chairperson, 1999, 2004.

CARTEE, KAREN JOHNSON, BA (William and Mary), MS, PhD (Tennessee). Professor, 1983, 1996.

CHENG, I-HUEI, BA (National Chouqchi University), MA, PhD (University of Missouri-Columbia). Assistant Professor, 2005.

CHEONG, YUNJAE, BS, MS (Ewha Womans University), MA, PhD (Texas). Assistant Professor, 2007.

COOPER, CARYL A., BS (Boston University), MA, PhD (University of Missouri–Columbia). Associate Professor, 1995, 2002.

DARIA, SUSAN E., BA, MA (Alabama). Instructor, 2002.

GONZENBACH, WILLIAM J., BA (Notre Dame), MA, PhD (North Carolina–Chapel Hill). Professor, 1991, 1998.

GOWER, KARLA K., BA, LLB (Western Ontario), MMC (Arizona State), PhD (North Carolina–Chapel Hill). Associate Professor, 1999, 2005.

HENLEY, TERI, BA, MBA (Auburn). Instructor, 2007.

KI, EYUN-JUNG, BA (Sookmyung Women’s University), MA, PhD (Florida). Assistant Professor, 2007.

KINNEY, LANCE, BA (Auburn), MA (Georgia), PhD (Florida State). Associate Professor, 1998, 2004.

LAMME, MARGARET O., BA (Emory), MA (Georgia State), PhD (Alabama). Assistant Professor, 2005.

LITTLE, MICHAEL, BA, MA (Alabama). Instructor, 2000.

PASADEOS, YORGO, BBA (Bosporus University, Turkey), MA (North Texas State), PhD (Texas). Professor, 1982, 2002.

PHELPS, JOSEPH, BA (St. Norbert College), MA, PhD (Wisconsin–Madison). Professor, 1990, 2002.

SIMS, TRACY R., BA, MA (Mississippi State). Instructor, 2004.

Communication Studies

BENNETT, BETH S., BS, MA (Ball State), PhD (Iowa). Associate Professor and Chairperson, 1981, 2005.

BLACK, JASON EDWARD, BS (Florida State), MA (Wake Forest), PhD, (Maryland). Assistant Professor, 2005, 2006.

DEAN, TREVA, BA, MA (Alabama). Instructor, 2008.

EDWARDS, JANIS L., BA (Denver), MA (California State–Sacramento), PhD (Massachusetts). Associate Professor, 2003.

HARRIS, THOMAS E., BA (George Washington), MA (Maryland), PhD (Temple). Professor, 1989, 1996.

HOUSTON, MARSHA, BA (Emory), MA (North Carolina), PhD (Massachusetts). Professor, 1999.

MEARES, MARY M., BA, MEd (American U), MA (George Mason), PhD (New Mexico). Assistant Professor, 2008.

MILLS, CAROL BISHOP, BA (U. of Miami), MA (Emerson), PhD (Purdue), Assistant Professor, 2005.

NELSON, MARK D., BS (Alabama–Birmingham), MA, PhD (Alabama). Associate Professor and Assistant Provost, 1991, 2006.

RIFFE, NANCE ALLISON, BA (George Mason). MA, PhD (Alabama). Assistant Professor, 2006, 2007.

THOMPSON, FRANK M., JR., BS, MA, EdD (Alabama). Associate Professor, 1980, 1991.


BISSELL, KIMBERLY, BS (Florida), MA (Bingamton), PhD (Syracuse). Associate Professor, 2000, 2005.

BRAGG, RICK, Nieman Fellow (Harvard). Professor of Writing, 2005.

BUNKER, MATTHEW, BS, MS (Kansas State), JD (Kansas), PhD (Florida). Professor, 1993, 2001.

DANIELS, GEORGE, BA (Howard), MA, PhD (Georgia). Assistant Professor, 2002.

GREER, JENNIFER, BA, BJ (Missouri), MA (Kansas), PhD (Florida). Associate Professor and Chairperson, 2007.

KELLER, WILLIAM B., BA, MA, PhD (Alabama). Senior Lecturer, 2004.

ROBERTS, CHRISTOPHER, BA, MA (Alabama), PhD (South Carolina), Assistant Professor, 2008

LOWREY, WILSON, BA (Davidson), MA, PhD (Georgia). Associate Professor, 2003, 2007.

SLOAN, DAVID, BA (East Texas State), MA, PhD (Texas). Professor, 1983, 1990.

WADDLE, CHRIS, BA (Birmingham-Southern), MA (Columbia), Nieman Fellow (Harvard). Director, Knight Fellows in Community Journalism, and Senior Lecturer, 2005.

School of Library and Information Studies


EMBREE, ANNA, MS and Certificate (Iowa). Assistant Professor, 2003.

MILLER, STEVEN KENT, BA (Wisconsin–Madison). Professor, 1988, 2006.


ALBERTSON, DAN, BA, MIS, PhD (Indiana). Assistant Professor, 2007.

AVERSA, ELIZABETH, PhD (Drexel). Professor and Director, 2003.

BONNICI, LAURIE, J., BA (Indiana), MLIS (South Florida), PhD (Florida State). Assistant Professor, 2007.

COLEMAN, J. GORDON, JR., EdD (Virginia). Associate Professor, 1984, 1989.

DALTON, MARGARET S., PhD (California–Berkeley). Professor, 1983, 1987.

EMBREE, ANNA, MFCS (Iowa State). Assistant Professor, 2003.

MACCALL, STEVEN, PhD (North Texas). Associate Professor, 1999, 2005.

MILLER, STEVE, BA (Wisconsin–Madison). Professor, 1988, 2006.

OSBURN, CHARLES B., PhD (Michigan). Professor, 1986.

PITSCHMANN, LOUIS A., PhD (Chicago). Professor and Dean of the University of Alabama Libraries, 2001.

TIDLINE, TONYIA J., PhD (Illinois–Urbana-Champaign). Assistant Professor, 2003.

WEDDLE, JEFFREY, PhD (University of Tennessee). Assistant Professor, 2004.

Telecommunication and Film

BRYANT, JENNINGS, AB (Davidson College), MDiv (Louisville Theological Seminary), PhD (Indiana). Professor, Associate Dean, and Ronald Reagan Professor of Broadcasting, 1987, 2005.

BUTLER, JEREMY G., BA (Brown), MA, PhD (Northwestern). Professor, 1981, 2002.

CAMMERON, DWIGHT B., BA (Alabama–Birmingham), MA (Alabama). Lecturer, 1984.

COPELAND, GARY A., BA, MA (California State–Fresno), PhD (Pennsylvania State). Professor and Chair, 1982, 2006.

EVANS, WILLIAM, BA (Rutgers), MA, PhD (Temple). Professor, 2002.

GOODSELL, JOSEPH A., BS, MS (Southern Mississippi). Instructor, 2004.

GREER, AARON D., BA (Washington), MFA (Temple). Assistant Professor, 2002.

LEE, DOOHWANG, BA (Hankook of Foreign Studies), MA (Georgia), PhD (Michigan State). Instructor, 2007.

SINGLETON, LOY A., BA, MA, PhD (Texas–Austin). Professor and Dean, 1989, 2006.

SPARKS, JOHNNY, BS, MA (Austin Peay), PhD (Indiana). Assistant Professor, 2006.

TRAN, PAMELA K. DOYLE, BA, MS, PhD (Tennessee). Associate Professor, Assistant Dean, 1991, 2006.

WILLIAMS, GLENDA C., BA, MA (Montevallo), PhD (Alabama). Associate Professor, 1991, 2005.

ZHOU, SHUHUA, BS (Huanan), BA (Jinan), MA, PhD (Indiana). Associate Professor, 1999, 2006.


ATKINSON, JOAN L., PhD (Alabama). Professor Emerita, 1972, 2007.

BARBAN, ARNOLD M., BBA, MBA, PhD (Texas). Professor Emeritus of Advertising and Public Relations, 1987, 2000.

BROWN, JAMES A., BA, MA, PhD. Professor Emeritus of Telecommunication and Film, 1982, 1999.

STEPHENS, ANNABEL K., DLS (Columbia). Associate Professor Emerita, 1985, 2007.

BURTON, JOHN H., BA, MA. Assistant Professor Emeritus of Journalism, 1955, 1988.

DEAVER, FRANK, BA, MA, PhD. Professor Emeritus of Journalism, 1969, 1996.

ELEBASH, CAMILLE, BA, MA. Professor Emerita of Advertising and Public Relations, 1974, 1990.

HARTSOOK, RICHARD M., BA, MA. Associate Professor Emeritus of Telecommunication and Film, 1957, 1995.

MALINCONICO, S. MICHAEL, MLS (Columbia). Professor Emeritus, 1989, 2007.

MELSON, WILLIAM H., BA, MAC, PhD (North Carolina). Professor Emeritus of Advertising and Public Relations, 1976, 1992.

MULLINS, EDWARD, BA (Alabama), MA (Ohio State), PhD (North Carolina). Professor Emeritus, 1977, 2007.

PERRY, DAVID, BS, MA (Florida), PhD (Wisconsin–Madison). Associate Professor Emeritus, 1983, 1989.

POWELL, ARLYN SINCLAIR, BA, MA. Associate Professor Emeritus of Advertising and Public Relations, 1965, 1980.

ROCHE, BRUCE, BJ, MJ, PhD. Associate Professor Emeritus of Advertising and Public Relations, 1972, 1994.

ZILLMANN, DOLF. PhD. Professor Emeritus of Telecommunication and Film, 1989, 2001.

Institute for Communication and Information Research

BRYANT, JENNINGS, AB (Davidson College), MDiv (Louisville Theological Seminary), PhD (Indiana). Senior Research Scientist, 1987.

EVANS, WILLIAM, BA (Rutgers), MA, PhD (Temple). Director, 2002.

TIDLINE, TONYIA J., BA, MA (Ohio State), MLS, (Kent State), PhD (Illinois). Research Fellow, 2003.

Center for Public Television and Radio

BROCK, ELIZABETH, BS (Maine), MBA (Washington). Director, 2004.


BAUGHN, DAVID. Director of Engineering and Technical Services, 1980, 1989.

CAMMERON, DWIGHT D., BA (Alabama–Birmingham), MA (Alabama). Director of Programming, 1984, 2003.

DEAL, BRUCE. Manager, Area Computing, 1998.

EIFLER, AMY, BA (Alabama). Assistant Director, Media Solutions, 1999.

HOLLOWAY, TAMMY, BA (Stillman College). Assistant Director of Business Operations, 2001, 2002.

LETCHER, JOHN M., BA, MA (Alabama). Production Manager, 1974, 1979.


CAIN, BUTLER, BA, MA, PhD (Alabama). News Director, 1998, 2007.

DUFF, DAVID, BA (Ambassador College), MA (Alabama). Music Director, 1996.

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