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2008-2010 Undergraduate Catalog
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Health Professional Degree Option

Medical schools and other health professional schools encourage students to complete undergraduate degree programs before entering a professional school. In some instances, however, a student may enter a medical, dental, or optometry school prior to the completion of an undergraduate degree and may qualify to be awarded a bachelor of science degree from The University of Alabama after successful completion of one academic year of study in the health professional school. To qualify for this degree, the student must complete, in courses approved for undergraduate degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences, a minimum of 90 semester hours including at least 30 hours taken in residence and all requirements for graduation other than those related to a major or minor. Furthermore, the required academic year of study in the professional school must be completed within one year of undergraduate study at The University of Alabama, and application for the combined undergraduate/professional degree must be made prior to completion of undergraduate study.

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