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2008-2010 Undergraduate Catalog
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Academic Departments, Major and Minor Programs of Study

The African American Studies Program (AAST)
African American Studies Minor
The Department of American Studies (AMS)
American Studies Major (BA)
American Studies Minor
The Department of Anthropology (ANT)
Anthropology Major (BA)
Anthropology Minor
The Department of Art (ART, ARH)
Art (Studio) Major (BA)
Art (Studio) Major (BFA)
Art (Studio) Major With Arts Administration Concentration (BA)
Art (Studio) Minor
Art History Major (BA)
Art History Major With Arts Administration Concentration (BA)
Art History Minor
Arts Administration Concentration
Astronomy Minor
The Department of Biological Sciences (BSC)
Biology Major (BS)
Biology Minor
Blount Liberal Arts Minor
The Department of Chemistry
Chemistry Major (BCh)
Chemistry Major (BS)
Chemistry Minor
Chinese Minor
Civic Engagement and Leadership Minor
The Department of Communicative Disorders (CD)
Communicative Disorders Major (BA)
Communicative Disorders Minor
Comparative World Literature Minor
Computer-Based Honors Minor
Creative Writing Minor
The Department of Criminal Justice (CJ, SOC)
Criminal Justice Major (BA)
Criminal Justice Minor
Critical Languages Program
Dance Major (BA)
The Department of Economics, Finance, and Legal Studies (EC)
Economics Major (BA)
Economics Minor
The Department of English (EN)
English Major (BA)
English Minor
Environmental Science
Environmental Science Major (BS)
External Degree Program (EXD)
Foreign Languages and Literature Major (BA)
Foreign Languages and Literature Minor
General Business (BA OR BS)
The Department of Geography (GY)
Geography Major (BA)
Geography Major (BS)
Geographic Information Systems Minor (GIS)
Geography Minor
The Department of Geological Sciences
Geology Major (BA)
Geology Major (BS)
Geology Major (BSG)
Geology Minor
Health Professional Degree Option
The Department of History (HY)
History Major (BA)
History Minor
Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies Minor
International Studies Major (BA)
International Studies Minor
Italian Minor
Japanese Minor
Judaic Studies Minor
Marine Science Program
Marine Science/Biology Major (BS)
Marine Science/Chemistry Major (BS)
Marine Science/Geology Major (BS)
Marine Science Minor
The Department of Mathematics (MATH)
Mathematics Major (BS)
Mathematics Minor
Mathematical Statistics Minor
Mathematics Education Minor
Microbiology Major (BMB)
Microbiology Minor
The Department of Modern Languages and Classics
The School of Music
Bachelor of Music
Music Performance Major (BM)
Music Composition (BM)
Music Theory Major (BM)
Music Therapy Major (BM)
Music Major (BA)
Music Major With Arts Administration Concentration (BA)
Music Minor
Natural Resources Minor
New College (NEW)
The Department of Philosophy (PHL)
Philosophy Major (BA)
Philosophy Minor
The Department of Physics and Astronomy (PH, AY)
Physics Major (BS)
Physics Major For College of Engineering Students
Physics Minor
The Department of Political Science (PSC)
Political Science Major (BA)
Political Science Minor
The Department of Psychology (PY)
Psychology Major (BA)
Psychology Major (BS)
Psychology Minor
The Department of Religious Studies (REL)
Religious Studies Major (BA)
Religious Studies Minor
Russian Minor
Sociology Minor
Spanish Major (BA)
Spanish Minor
Student-Designed Minor
The Department of Theatre and Dance (TH, DN)
Theatre Major (BA)
Theatre Minor
The Department of Women’s Studies (WS)
Women’s Studies Minor
Minors Outside of The College of Arts & Sciences
Advertising Minor
Communication Studies Minor
Computer Science Minor
Computer Software Systems Minor
Computing Technology and Applications Minor
Consumer Sciences Minor
Engineering Minor
Entrepreneurship Minor
Food and Nutrition Minor
General Business Minor
Human Development and Family Studies Minor
Journalism Minor
Management Minor
Mathematics Education Minor
Public Relations Minor
Social Welfare Minor
Telecommunication and Film Minor
World Business Minor

African American Studies Program
African American Studies minor
American Studies, Department of
American Studies major and minor
Anthropology, Department of
Anthropology major and minor
Art, Department of
Art (studio) major (BA)
Art (studio) major (BFA)
Art (studio) with arts administration concentration
Art (studio) minor
Art history major
Art history with arts administration concentration
Art history minor
Arts administration concentration
Astronomy minor
Biological Sciences, Department of
Biology major and minor
Blount liberal arts minor
Chemistry, Department of
Chemistry (BCh) major
Chemistry track
Biochemistry track
Chemistry (BS) major and minor
Chinese minor
Civic engagement and leadership minor
Communicative Disorders, Department of
Communicative disorders major and minor
Comparative world literature minor
Computer-based honors minor
Creative writing minor
Criminal Justice, Department of
Criminal justice major and minor
Critical Languages Program
Dance major
Economics, Finance, and Legal Studies, Department of
Economics major and minor
English, Department of
English major and minor
Environmental Science Program
Environmental science major
External Degree Program
Foreign language and literature major
Classical civilization track
French track
German track
Greek track
Latin track
Foreign language credit options
Foreign language and literature minor
French track
German track
Greek track
Latin track
General business second major
Geography, Department of
Geography (BA and BS) major and minor
Geographic information systems minor
Geological Sciences, Department of
Geology (BA, BS, and BSG) major and minor
Health professional degree option
History, Department of
History major and minor
Interdisciplinary environmental studies minor
International studies major and minor
Italian minor
Japanese minor
Judaic studies minor
Marine Science Program
Marine science/biology major
Marine science/chemistry major
Marine science/geology major
Marine science minor
Mathematics, Department of
Mathematics major
Pure mathematics track
Applied mathematics-numerical track
Applied mathematics-classical track
Applied mathematics-optimization track
Applied mathematics-statistics track
Mathematics education track
Mathematics minor
Mathematical statistics minor
Mathematics education minor
Microbiology (BMB) major and minor
Modern Languages and Classics, Department of
Music, School of
Music, Bachelor of (BM)
Music performance
Piano track
Organ track
Strings track
Winds and percussion track
Voice track
Jazz studies track
Music composition
Music theory
Music therapy
Music (BA) major and minor
Music (BA) with arts administration concentration
Music minor
Natural resources minor
New College (BA and BS)
Philosophy, Department of
Philosophy major and minor
Physics and Astronomy, Department of
Physics major and minor
Political Science, Department of
Political science major and minor
Psychology, Department of
Psychology (BA and BS) major and minor
Religious Studies, Department of
Religious studies major and minor
Russian minor
Sociology minor
Spanish major and minor
Student-designed minor
Theatre and Dance, Department of
Theatre major and minor
Women’s Studies, Department of
Women’s studies minor
Minors in Other Colleges
Advertising minor
Communication studies minor
Computer science minor
Computer software systems minor
Computing technology and applications minor
Consumer sciences minor
Engineering minor
Entrepreneurship minor
Food and nutrition minor
General business administration minor
Human development and family studies minor
Journalism minor
Management minor
Mathematics education minor
Public relations minor
Social welfare minor
Telecommunication and film minor
World business minor

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