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2008-2010 Undergraduate Catalog
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Student organizations enrich the campus and community by providing a source of intellectual, personal, and social development of students through their programs and activities. The University fulfills an important mission by providing procedures and policies for the registration and support of student organizations.

Inherent in University recognition of student organizations is the obligation for each organization to conduct activities in accordance with University rules and policies and applicable laws. Student organizations are required to comply with the written rules and policies of the University.

Responsibility of Officers

A fundamental aspect of any organization is the right of the membership to elect officers who serve to ensure, among their other duties, that the activities of the organization are conducted properly. It is the responsibility of the officers of each student organization to ensure that the organization complies with this Code of Student Conduct and to actively oppose and prevent any planned organizational activity which would violate the Code of Student Conduct. It is also the obligation of the officers of any student organization to advise and counsel individual members of their organization whose conduct could lead to misconduct violations against the organization, as provided herein.

Organizational Responsibility for Misconduct

Student organizations will be held responsible for misconduct in the following circumstances:

  1. Organizational responsibility for its own acts. The organization will be held responsible:
    a) When the organization fails to comply with a duty imposed by a written University policy, including, but not limited to, improper membership education and initiation, improper organizational registration of activities for which registration and/or permission is required; failure to comply with applicable health and safety regulations; misuse of University property, facilities and equipment; violations of University regulations on the use of alcohol; and violations of any other rule or policy applicable to organizations.
    b) When one or more officers refuse or neglect to perform their duties under this code as described above in Article IVa.
  2. Organizational responsibility for individual acts of misconduct.
    a) The organization will be held responsible for the actions of one or more of its members which violate this Code of Student Conduct when the actions arise in the course of or derive from the activities of the organization.
    b) In situations other than those described in (a) above, the organization may be held responsible for a member or members’ misconduct when, prior to such misconduct, a member or members have committed acts of misconduct the nature of which has caused the Office of the Dean of Students to be concerned that the organization is not conducting activities in a manner which discourages such conduct, and the dean of students has notified the organization that further occurrences of such conduct by one or more members will result in disciplinary actions against the organization. Examples of such violations include, but are not limited to, offenses against persons, offenses against property, alcohol abuse, and illegal drug use. The notice will be in sufficient detail to notify the officers of the precise nature of the offenses and the length of time the notice shall be effective.

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