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2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog
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Dr. Rob Morgan, Department Head
Office: 104 Alston Hall

In addition to completing the specific prerequisites included in the descriptions of the following courses, all students seeking to enroll in 300- or 400-level courses in the Culverhouse College of Commerce and Business Administration must have attained junior standing (61 semester hours).

All C&BA students must, prior to seeking to enroll in any 300- or 400-level C&BA course, complete or be enrolled in the following prerequisites: EC 110 and EC 111; MATH 112 and MATH 121, or MATH 115 and MATH 125; CS 102; AC 210; ST 260; and LGS 200 (or their equivalents); and at least 4 hours in natural science, 3 hours of fine arts, literature, or humanities, and 3 hours of history or social and behavioral sciences. Failure to fulfill all prerequisites prior to enrolling in a 300- or 400-level C&BA course will result in administrative disenrollment from that course.

MGT 300 Organizational Theory and Behavior. Three hours.

A course designed to help students understand organizational theory, interpersonal communication, and other behavioral science concepts and then integrate them into managerial tools for effective use in business, industry, and public-sector organizations.

MGT 301 Introduction to Human Resources Management. Three hours.

Prerequisite: MGT 300.

Introductory course surveying problems and issues in labor economics, personnel management, and labor relations. Emphasis is placed on public policies affecting management and union representatives and on the role of the human resources manager in the organization.

MGT 302 Organizational Communication: Theory and Practice. Three hours.

Prerequisite: MGT 300.

This course offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of communication within an organizational setting. The objectives of the course are to improve students' understanding of communication as it relates to and operates within organizations; to give students an opportunity to apply communication skills to organizational situations, including interviews and conferences; and to enable students to control more effectively the data flows that enable an organization to carry out its function.

MGT 320 Leadership. Three hours.

Prerequisite: MGT 300.

This course focuses on the interpersonal dynamics of managers, professionals, and entrepreneurs at work. Case analysis and simulation of problem solving and decision making are used to develop insight into human relations in organizations as well as to develop the personal and interpersonal skills needed in leadership roles.

MGT 331 Development of American Organizations. Three hours.

Prerequisite: MGT 300.

This course emphasizes the economic, political, and social environments that have influenced the growth and development of philosophies and practices of both labor and management in American organizations.

MGT 341 Contemporary Ethical Issues and Corporate Responsibility. Three hours.

Prerequisite: MGT 300.

Systematic examination of current issues and problems in the organization and management of business enterprises. The course combines readings, cases, and lectures that focus on the roles, activities, and ethical choices of managers as they direct organizations within the context of our contemporary society.

MGT 351 Multinational Business Communication (also IBA 351). Three hours.

Prerequisite: IBA 350 and MGT 300.

A study of the principles and practices of intercultural business communication, written and interpersonal. The course requires substantial reading. The focus is on making students aware of the sources of common intercultural business communication problems, and on helping them develop strategies to avoid or correct these problems.

MGT 380 Management Presentations. Three hours.

Prerequisite: MGT 300.

Instruction and practice in the presentation of information in a business environment. Topics include conference-room presentations, media briefings, team presentations, television interviews, and audiovisual development.

MGT 385 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship. Three hours.

Prerequisites: EC 110, AC 210, and MGT 300.

This course provides an opportunity to discuss a variety of perspectives (economic, sociological, cultural, and historical) for understanding the creation and evolution of entrepreneurship in different environments. Examination of entrepreneurial types, including corporate entrepreneurs and "not-for-profit" entrepreneurs, is included.

MGT 386 Foundations of Entrepreneurship. Three hours.

Prerequisites: EC 110, AC 210, and MGT 300.

Emphasis is on how to manage a small company and operate it profitably. Special attention is given to the problems of different types of small enterprises, such as those in retail, service, franchise, and manufacturing industries.

MGT 395 Managerial Communication Strategies. Three hours.

Prerequisite: MGT 300.

Explores communication strategies within the business environment, including an overview of technological and staff support systems of the corporate office and the power hierarchies involved. Areas covered are order of presentation (direct, circuitous, semi-circuitous organizational patterns), applied systems approach to language and sentence structure, strategic use of style, ethics of effective communication, and cross-cultural problems of international communication.

MGT 406 Family Business. Three hours.

Prerequisites: EC 110, AC 210, and MGT 300.

This course draws on emerging research to teach students the importance of and challenges involved in family businesses. It also seeks to expose students to the major "how-to" issues in family business and the means for addressing them.

MGT 420 Organizational Change. Three hours.

Prerequisite: MGT 300 or permission of instructor.

An investigation of structural, technological, humanistic, and task approaches to organizational change; the resistance to change; and the implementation of change in business and in private- and public-sector organizations.

MGT 421 Managerial Analysis. Three hours.

Prerequisite: MGT 300.

This course uses a case analysis method to examine the development and implementation of managerial actions in modern organizations.

MGT 431 Public Sector Employee Relations. Three hours.

Prerequisite: MGT 300.

This course is concerned with the analysis of conceptual and operational problems, policies, and practices related to management of human resources in public-sector organizations. Topics discussed include the structural, behavioral, and legal environment of management-employee relations and personnel practices in government agencies.

MGT 432 Labor Market Analysis and Public Policy. Three hours.

Prerequisite: MGT 300.

A course designed to provide students with exposure to the analytical tools of labor-market research and analysis, and to examine in depth recent public programs established to deal with problems related to unemployment and labor shortages.

MGT 459 Seminar in International Management (also IBA 459). Three hours.

Prerequisites: EC 110, AC 210, and MGT 300.

Designed for students interested in understanding the demands of managing an international or multinational organization. The perspective is both strategic and operational, considering both how global and domestic market factors affect decisions on moving business activities abroad, and how the decision to become international requires adjustments to traditional domestic operations and business activities.

MGT 460 Contemporary Issues in Human Resources Management. Three hours.

Prerequisites: MGT 300 and MGT 301, or permission of instructor.

A senior seminar devoted to study of timely and significant issues in human resources management. Techniques of empirical and field research will be utilized.

MGT 482 New Venture Development. Three hours.

Prerequisites: EC 110, AC 210, and MGT 300.

This course provides an opportunity to develop a business plan for a new venture or for expansion of an existing company. Students are expected to acquire skills in evaluating business ventures; to learn alternative financing sources; to develop ideas for differentiating products; and to develop an understanding of what is required to harvest the profits of a growing business.

MGT 485 Managing Growth Strategies: Three hours.

Prerequisite: MGT 300.

This course examines company growth strategies, including expansion into international operations. The unique problems of family influences and operating problems in developing companies are analyzed.

MGT 486 Small Business Consulting Field Project. Three hours.

Prerequisite: MGT 300.

This course is designed to offer education and training in the art of management consulting as it applies to smaller firms. The overall purpose of the course is the acquisition of knowledge and skills that will enable students to provide management advice to entrepreneurs and businesspersons to improve the performance of smaller organizations.

MGT 491 Independent Study in Management. Three hours.

Students may earn degree credit for only one independent study course (491).

The course offers students interested in management the opportunity to study in a particular area of the field, under the guidance of an individual faculty member. Open to juniors and seniors with the advice and permission of the appropriate instructor and the approval of the program chairperson.

MGT 492 Internship in Human Resources Management. Three hours.

Prerequisites: Junior or senior standing and a grade point average of 2.5 or higher. Students may earn degree credit for only one internship (492).

Students are selected through a competitive process for assignments in approved business or public sector organizations. The internship is administered through the C&BA Office of Student Services.

MGT 497 Special Topics. Three hours.

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