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2006-2008 Undergraduate Catalog
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Carol L. Hoffman, Coordinator
Office: 290 Hardaway Hall

DR 100 Technical Sketching for Engineers. (1-1) One hour.

Prerequisite: MATH 112.

Lettering, geometric construction, multiviews, auxiliaries, sections, pictorials, and dimensioning.

DR 131 Construction Procedures. (2-0) Two hours.

Construction design, materials, and methods. Covers assembly procedures for light construction and interpreting construction documents.

DR 133 2D AutoCAD for Engineers. (2-2) Two hours.

Prerequisite: DR 100 or college-level technical graphics course without CAD.

Use of AutoCAD software to produce two-dimensional engineering drawings such as multiviews, sections, and auxiliaries, as well as isometric and oblique pictorials and dimensioned drawings.

DR 135 Construction Drawing. (2-4) Three hours.

Introduction to the graphic language used by the construction industry. Covers architectural plans, elevations, sections, and pictorials, executed by freehand sketches, instrument drawings, and computer-aided drawings.

DR 233 3D AutoCAD for Engineers (also ME 233). (3-3). Three hours.

Prerequisite: DR !25 or DR 133.

Communicating graphically with solid models. Use of AutoCAD software to create 3D wireframe, surface, and solid models. Models may be then dimensioned, sectioned, or rendered.

DR 350 Construction Materials and Systems. (2-0) Two hours.

Prerequisite: DR 131.

Study of materials and systems used in residential and commercial construction. Covers the properties of these materials and their assembly.

DR 355 AutoCAD for Interior Design. (2-4) Three hours.

Prerequisite: DR 135.

Use of AutoCAD software to produce two-dimensional architectural drawings such as floor plans, elevations, sections, and details. Explores three-dimensional views and presentation techniques.

DR 491 Special Problems (Area). One to three hours.

Prerequisite: DR !25 or DR 135.

Assigned graphics problem(s) supervised on an individual basis.

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